Add oxygen to your dreams

This is a little bit following an earlier blog when I was talking about doing and being, allowing ourselves to bring ourselves to Be, and not just Do.

It made me think how it can be easy to forget that we are spiritual being in physical being, experiencing our physical life through our five senses, our physical being senses. Connecting with that original source of everything that is expressed through ourselves, through our human being self, even when we know it, when understand this concept, this principle, can sometimes not be our “first” priority in the moment. And it is normal! We might be spiritual being experiencing life, but we are still human being experiencing our lives forgetting about what we forgot. Sometimes we remember a tiny second too late which might make us ask ourselves things like “why have I done this” or “I know better so why have I not trusted my intuition first” type of things.

And it is very normal, because we are most of the time doing something, working, or creating, or living our life. We are an expression form of our spiritual being, expressing everything that comes from within. But yes, it must be before we do whatever the “it” is. It has to be before we bring it forward and make it happen. And it feels so good when we co-create mindfully.

It makes me think of a little beautiful fire starting from a spark, or lighting a candle, and connecting within is the oxygen we bring to it to exist and make it happen. It is like accepting to make it grow and bring it to its full potential, adding to our well-being.

We are constantly expressing the richness from within, the richness of all the ideas and inspirations and inspired actions, our abundance from within in all the spheres of our life.

And it can only Be before it comes out, before it gets created. It does not matter what you add from the outside to make that creative flame grow beautifully, or not; our task is to connect within to connect with that source of sparks, to bring it oxygen.

And it is part of life to not always do it; beating ourselves up over this is a beautiful ego-based mind play.

This week as I am recording the audios for my 7-day challenge coming up, I am back into talking a little about not beating ourselves up over what we do-knowing that what we don’t do it also doing, and allowing ourselves to learn and be teachable, and allowing ourselves to take the time to take the time. We are here with beautiful life experiences and yes, some less beautiful, but they are all part of our life lessons.

There is no such thing as I-should-have-known-this-before. That’s an ego-based sentence.

I am inviting you to see your life like schools and levels; where one might learn the alphabet and then read, and then write, but each level brings its new knowledge and skills following the previous one, and we certainly don’t write a thesis in first grade and some never do. The learning of our life lessons is like that also. Our spiritual growth is like that too. And even when we think we master something, we only master what we have been practicing for a long time, because there is still more to learn. We have simply not been introduced to it yet.

And the spark within ourselves allowing us to enjoy each step of our learning is within; the comfort of knowing that learning is a progression concept allowing us to step away from the ego-based thoughts is through our beautiful connection within.

When we take the time to take the time, when we connect within; we come back stronger, and our main task is to reach to that power that is ours. It is our task, our responsibility to align with being the best life student we can be. And it is our responsibility to allow this to be this way, to know that this is how it works, to align with this simple Truth.

So take the time to bring some beautiful oxygen to your dreams and desires.

Enjoy the process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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