Re-defining abundance

I am not Source, but I am Source because Source is ME.

Source or God, whatever feels better for you, Source within is greater and more powerful than our ego-based thoughts and beliefs and patterns; and everything the ego brings in our mind pretending it is real, whatever it is, and in believing that the ego-based story is real, feeding it with thoughts and more pretend stories, we come to believe that it is all real, and sometimes the only reality there is.

So, I am Source because Source is Me, therefore Source within me being greater and being the creative expression of all things, it then would make sense that I am the creator of my own life and all it contains, which I can be mindful of, when I stay connected to that infinite creative expression within myself.

I create from wherever it is coming from.

Then, it does make a lot of sense to think that I am creating my abundance in all spheres of life without exception.

So how does it become so difficult to believe this part in that equation? That I am the creator of all my abundance because it comes from within myself, from me being Source and co-creating with Source, and collaborating with Source?

Recently, while thinking about this, it came to my awareness that abundance is a very personal definition, and it has a very personal meaning. I remember watching a documentary once about eras and paintings and how for many generations, overweight ish women were seen and believed as being abundant women and rich women because they had a lot to eat, so it meant that they were rich to afford so much food. Today it might be the opposite with skinnier and fit women being richer because it can be associated to having more money to buy better quality food and gym memberships or even personal trainer. You see, it is all about perception, cultural and personal.

It is the same thing with financial abundance, what might be full abundance for one might be lack of abundance for another one, and what might be qualified as a financial value for one, might not be for another one.

So maybe the belief that everything comes from within is not the only difficult part in the equation of abundance and allowing abundance to exist in our reality, maybe it is redefining what abundance is in each spheres of our life to make sure we are creating the right thing.

Today I am inviting you to take an inventory of your definitions of abundance and what is and what isn’t in all the spheres of your life, so you might see that you are powerful at manifesting your desires and what you want, but you might have a false definition very active in your psychic atmosphere that keeps you from creating what you need and desire.

Enjoy the process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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