Co-creating wisely

It is not my job to find what to create, but it is my job to listen to what to create.

Read again this opening sentence making it your statement.

I am a very creative person with lots of imagination, and being in sync with my Self, one word can spark an idea that I am receiving creating an inspired action.

For many years, I was following up on those ideas thinking that they were meant to not only be in creation but also be “it”, be the ones to be seen and done right away and ending into what was supposed to be the result. I remember when I wanted to move in the States finding an employer for the process and after the interviews and practice I had to show, they were ready for me to start, and I thought this was it… to find myself doing all the paperwork that was needed for the credential I needed for the working visa which took few months… to find myself not being allowed a working license in that particular State with different rules and regulations…  to find myself needing those credential and paperwork I did to go work in Europe a year or two later.

I used to think that when I receive an idea, it was the one to pursue for that “now” life and adventure.

Now I know that many, and most of them to be true, are tiny parts of a whole and bigger plan.

Now when I receive an idea, I follow it with passion, but I do not let my ego interfere. I know better. I create, do and work from my heart and when I feel my head is taking over, I know the inspiration has run its course, and it is time to step away until the next part of it.

This is why I knew when I decided to go back to school for a bachelor’s degree in metaphysics and became a metaphysics minister, it was for a plan and I did not have to know right away, even if I tried to know a few times-because if you read my blog, you might know that I did not “get” that the bachelor’s degree was also opening to become ordained ministers which I am not practicing, or am I in my writing? 🙂 Sometimes I joke about that, saying that when I was looking for the working visa papers few years before, I remember saying something like “Wow! It is almost instant when you are a priest, minister or a rabbi. It is way easier.”  

This is also why when I created my online center last year, I knew all the contents I was creating from inspirations and making available was for me to make it happen, but I knew it was going to be course-corrected in due time, which is kind of now as I am learning to become a spiritual entrepreneur with Dr Erin’s program with Soulciété. I asked for guidance within with my business and I was guided to one of her post which led me to the Entrepreneur program I gratefully enrolled in.

Things are falling into place at a lightspeed since I started her program. My spiritual business is making more sense because I am knowing my One thing and because I am not afraid to accept and be open to my Life Purpose and continue my Inner work in order to be great at it. My many decades of professional experiences are one thing, but my being ready for my tomorrow business wise, is another one.

While I seem to have wandered away from my opening statement and topic, here is the connection; I have understood few years ago from the core of my being and my Soul that I know that it is not my job to find what to create, but it is my job to listen to what to create, and this have been reminded to me yesterday in something I was reading .

When we take the time to follow that principle, which is not always easy because we have life experience and we have knowledge making it is easy to jump into something with our skills, but when we/you listen to what to create, that simple yet difficult thing to do allows the dots to connect faster. It allows the inspirations to come faster for the next step to create. We stop using our time to what-is-not-the-time-now. It allows to see the big picture faster.

So today, I am inviting you to take the time to start observing yourself when you create and work at something even in following your dreams; take the time to observe the tiny shift of energy when you start working and creating from your ego-mind space and personality. Observe and feel the shift in energy and thoughts and emotions. You might feel tired, less passionate, less focused, less going with the flow and more into should, could, would, less patient, or you might even hear yourself asking what now instead of following the inspirations in silence. Know when to stop and go within for more. Don’t let your ego dictate the next step and action.

Even in your conversations with others, when the flow is not there anymore, it is the ego-based mind taking over continuing the conversation instead of stopping it there for a while.

Take the time to know yourself. Take the time to know when your energy shift. This will help you in your creation and in your co-creation. This will help you in achieving your dreams.

Enjoy the process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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