Playing in the energy field

One of the reasons we visualize something on purpose is to keep its energy active. Yes, while some might visualize thinking they are playing fake it until you make it, which I call “faith” it until you make it, because let’s get real, when you pretend your way to something “thinking” that it can happen, it is you having faith even if you do not use that word; it is you having faith while your ego is still in control.

When we play a game of assumption, or assuming it could be different or exist or happen, or the game of what if it was becoming real, it is like playing in the energy field you wish to walk on to tend to your dreams. You could imagine those games as transporting yourself to the energy field you want to walk on.

Sometimes, images like this can help understand why we do certain things, and also bring a new understanding and awareness to the ones learning to make their ego their ally while taking control of their thoughts, knowing they do have the choice over them.

Imagine there is a place, a huge field where all things coming from the heart are growing and waiting to follow you; everything you wish from your heart and not from your ego are there waiting for you to spend some times with them, until it is time to bring them home with you; a field where you can only see with your eyes closed and where you can go, and give some TLC to those dreams. When they are ready, they simply follow you back home and are there with you when you open your eyes, they are then in your reality.

The only place where you can tend and bring some tender loving care to your dreams is there on that field where they are, so it is up to you to go and spend some time there; you must go mindfully and often. To grow and be ready, they need love, smile, care, listening to funny stories you can do together, listening to the grateful reasons you wish they grow and come with you. This is what visualization is and do to ideas and thoughts we feed.

Sometimes you can invite someone to go with you on that field when you want to help it grow together.

You can only access them from your heart and with heartfelt reasons, and the more you go, the more they grow. The more love they get the more active their energy is.

Each one knows what it needs to be fully ready to follow you so you must tend to them as much as you can even when you feel they had enough care.

We have the power to go to that field and we have the power to go as many times as we want. Do we? Our answer is often the reason why things are not happening or why we are feeding more what the ego is showing us then what we placed on that field from our heart. What we tend to, what we give our stories and reasons to exist is what grows.

I am inviting you today to start taking the time to spend more time on that field. Allow yourself some time to go play on that beautiful Divine or Cosmic energy field where dreams grow. I know I mindfully started to go daily and sometimes a few times a day now to tend to some dreams that I was letting grow on their own. Now I am taking care of them because I know their value and what they represent to me and my life and others by rippling effects.

Take the time to go play in the field today and if you need to, schedule it so you never forget allowing yourself that time.

If you tend to follow and feed all that is negative, remember that I can help you develop a positive mindset. I have put my teaching method into a book form and into an online course for you to learn this effortlessly by steps; there is more than one option allowing you to start today. Simply follow this link.

Now let’s go spend some time in our beautiful energy field.

Enjoy the process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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