Same energy as the tree

There is a beautiful difference between knowing Source is within ourselves and Knowing Source is not only within ourselves but in each cell and fiber that we are as the Creative energy became my cells and my fiber just like yours.

Imagine a tree growing tall. Imagine the tree that started as a seed nourished by the soil and all it contains growing up to be the tall tree you sit by or touch and smell its blooming flowers. That tree is made from all that created it and all the seed contained to make it grow to become the tree it is with its look, with its specifications, with its kind of flowers and leaves. Everything that tree contains has a part of everything helping it to become the tree that it is, including the rain and all that each drop contains, same with the soil and insects leaving their trace as they walk on it or hide in it.

All those things belong to the Universe in its own way. All those things were created from energy transforming into what they are.

Sometimes and for many, it is easier to accept the idea that the tree and Nature is from the Universe, it is made from the Universe’s energy.

Why does it become another story and harder to believe that we are like the tree, made out of the same Universe’s energy, the same creative infinite power?

The tree does not ask anything to keep growing and blooming, it comes from its inside. It does not grow because we add branches to it or stick leaves and pine tree to it.

Why do we think that we cannot find everything for us to grow from the inside of us? We have been created with and from the same Universe’s powerful energy. The seed might be different, but it is still a seed from a Universe’s creation.

Because we can think? Well, that thinking might be the obstacles keeping us from not allowing ourselves to grow from within.

When we meditate and have Self-talk within ourselves, the idea, and inspired actions we can hear and bring forth are like the sap allowing the tree to grow and be fully nourished, allowing it to bloom.

When we listen within instead of listening without, we allow that inspired action to grow and take form into our mind and vision, just like its sap flowing up taking form allowing the tree to grow.

How can we think that it is not within ourselves that we can find out answers knowing this?

Today I am inviting you to meditate on what allows the tree to exist and grow and bloom and see yourself with the same process.

To bloom it must come from within, no matter the outside factors that might help or not, that might protect you or harm you. Just like the tree, external factors might be obstacles, but they are not what keeps it from existing and growing, and if it does, just like we do for a tree, we fix its environment and get rid of the invaders or Mother Nature does, the Universe does.

Take the time to connect to your powerful Source of resource that is only found within. That is the root of what we create outside and the ideas and places we go from inspirations to help us grow and bloom.

Allow yourself to also receive inspirations on how to get rid of those invaders you might encounter and do not be surprise if the answer you hear is “simply be and let me do”, because yes, many times our task is to let it be which is let it do, let the Universe do.

Enjoy the process.

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊



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