Are you a woman or a young girl with a desire to a life in which your spouse will take care of (all) your needs and love you without conditions?

Are you a co-worker with a desire to a life in which your employer or colleagues will take care of the needs you might have and cannot fulfill yourself in doing their part as you think they (should) do?

Read this…

I see that wanting to have a spouse or a man helping and taking care of us is a false belief from trauma, from past life ways and beliefs and (or) lineage ways and beliefs; we are individuals, and we are individualized with God or Source or the Higher Consciousness’ abundance within us.

Isn’t this marvelous and beautiful? Isn’t this a beautiful self-worth opening statement?

The false belief is keeping one from seeing it, from believing it, from thinking that it is already in one’s possession.

There is so much gratitude to have to this knowledge, to this simple truth. There is so much gratitude to have for this infinite abundance energy that is already within each one of us, but our beliefs might not make it shine out, not taking any form.

This knowledge can bring the pressure off in a relationship, the pressure of both parties in any relationship, even partnership business wise.

There is nothing wrong in desiring a beautiful relationship where each one takes care of the other one in its own way, or in a partnership where each partner bring its own skills to the table, but I am saying that if you believe that it is how it should be-the other bringing only what you cannot bring yourself, that “should be” is wrong.

Recently I have been back to doing a lot of Self-realization meditation, meditation intended to understand some false beliefs and old data that are still active without much of my knowledge into my personal database, my subconscious, and it is amazing how so many things are connecting to one another in my today.

Please read carefully and without your ego here that I am not saying at all that it is wrong to have support because it is not, it is okay; and it is also not wrong to be dependent of something or someone as it serves its purpose for the time being, but I do am saying that all beliefs we have, have a root somewhere, and that a belief might not serve your today and your tomorrow. It is our task to liberate ourselves from those false beliefs and they are false only because they do not serve our Now and our tomorrow. It is our task to release ourselves from false pressure. It is our tasks to Love without conditions.

I am inviting you today to take the time to meditate or journal about your personal dependance and independence towards your loved ones and your co-workers.

Take the time to see where you feel that you do not have what the other have within yourself and why do you feel you do not have it. What makes you believe you do not have it and cannot have it? That is a start to be aware of who you are and of who you limit yourself to be. Meditate on this and let your inspirations and teachers within help you see clearly your Inner power and personal power from within, from Source, that greater power within yourself with its infinite abundance of everything. This abundance is what you want it to be and become.

Always being teachable, I am always working on some limiting beliefs I still have keeping some of my desires to achieving their potential success. And this morning after my meditation I wanted to share some part of it because I am sure it can help you in some personal ways.

Enjoy the process!

Remember to breathe in, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr Nathalie 😊



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