A nun with six kids and a red corvette

Let’s play a fun game. Do you remember everything you wanted to be, career wise, when you grew up? And do you know why you might have not followed up on any one of the ideas you had?

I once attended a conference in which the speaker was asking the audience to raise our hand if we were (still) working in the field we even went to College and University for, and not many people raised their hand. He was saying that about 10% of people were working and enjoying the career they planned and studied for. Only 10%.

Most of us at one point or another willingly or not chose a different path. This conference was at my teenagers’ school and was for us to stop pressuring our teenagers to know what they wanted to do later and in which program to enroll after high school. It was about offering our teenagers the benefit of the doubt or the freedom to not be in the right program allowing them to change their mind, no matter if they were doing a degree after another. This is life.  He was showing us that it is normal at that age to not know what to do later or in 10 years, because we haven’t seen the world and all our options. Some only know what their own parents and family do. I did not see that then but today I am pretty sure that man was also talking about not knowing our Life Purpose at that age.

I am not sure why this memory resurfaces today while I am thinking about my spiritual path as I sit down to write to you about it.

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but I often interpreted it with trying-to-figure-out-my-calling.

For example, I remember before I was a teenager, I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher because they are lovable at that age. LOL They are also open to love and be loved, eager to learn and influenceable, so kindness and love in their learnings was going to help them set a desire to learn tempo. I think also it was related to having someone they can trust to be there for them. I remember wanting to teach that grade because the children are not yet influenced by the world and still have their Inner knowingness alive. I guess I wanted to keep their innocence alive a year longer. Today, I can see it was my desire to teach at a Soul level; to the ones open to learn, and happy to try all sort of new learnings I was going to simplify for them, helping them to enjoy life and feel safe being themselves.

I remember being a teenager wanting to become a nun, but the thing is that I wanted a red corvette and six children, and those were non-negotiable. Of course, I know today that I wanted my spirituality to be part of my life, and also be something non-negotiable or scheduled. And I wanted to be a mother with lots of children.

Then I went to what seems to be totally opposite career paths, I wanted to become a snipper, or a pilot and travel the world. Those choices were made when I was in the Air force cadet for a year, and since I was the best of the shooting club and also the one girl understanding engines, and named the recruit of the year from my social interaction with everyone without judgement, skills and eagerness to be perfect, it was easy for me to be influenced by my superiors and easy for them to choose me.  But I wasn’t into war and hurting others; it was not in my nature. I can see today that it was about being in control of my life and my choices, and pleasing others, and also helping others, the ones that could maybe not help themselves and enjoying my skills. I also wanted to see and learn from other cultures with my eyes and not through the eyes of others. I already knew there was more to see on the planet.

When it was time to choose which program to enroll to, I went back to either being a teacher or a lawyer or notary, because it was down to Earth and because it was something I could effortlessly achieve. I might have given up on my possibility to choose. Life situations made that after I enrolled, I never went. While it seemed to be an issue it was a blessing because I remained free of my choices following all the paths that felt guided to follow. The Universe helped me to become aware of my power of choice.

There were other few silly things like being the wife of a mobster or a burlesque dancer that also came up among other things, but those were more ideas than career choices. Although I can see today that, to me, they were also related to being in control but allowing authority to be in control; having some sort of creative freedom yet under “certain” laws.

Have I done any of those? No. Have I even studied to become any of those? No. I went back to school only 15 years later in what I felt guided to… related to metaphysics.

I might have not been a nun with six kids driving a red corvette, but my spirituality has always been very present in my personal life, I had three kids and three uterine fibroids, and drove a red SUV at one point. Close enough. LOL

Kidding aside, today I am sharing this because I want to invite you to take an inventory of all the careers you would have liked at one point or another, going as far as you can remember. And see if you can underline the characteristics of them like I did up here. Even the ones you might dream of today.

Not the career or job you did (for real), just the ones you wanted at one point.

Those characteristics were your calling, the characteristics are part of your calling. These might help you make sense of your path and of your choices, and also help you see why some did not work but seemed good choices at the time. It might even bring relief. I mentioned just the ones you felt called to but did not do, because you might have some ego-based associations or be too rational about the characteristics of the ones you practiced.

And then, take that list and look at what you are doing today? Have you met those characteristics with the choice of your career, with the job and work you do today? Are you on your way to be more and more align with your calling? Can you see a common denominator?

I am not saying this exercise will bring you to know what your Life Purpose is, but it is a good indicator of how you listen or not to your Self and how well or not you are and can become aware of yourself, of your Self.

See, these past years, my career path is taking a turn to be totally aligned with the quick list I made up here in the examples. Yes, I have followed many career paths while on my own mindfulness journey; I was following the metaphysics trail leading me to be in sync with my Life Purpose, to develop the skills I would be needing, but I did not know that then, and I did not even know that when I thought I was supposed to be happy being a Naturopath, or a Massage therapist. I thought I had spent enough money on tuitions and certifications, but the Universe kept guiding me to another program and another program and another program… making me ready for my now.

So today, take the time to sit down and just write down all the jobs and careers you wanted to do at one point or another in your life as silly as they might sound today. Write down the humanitarian “why” behind each choice and the personal value you thought you could bring by doing this work.

This will reveal a little bit of yourself, of your Self.                     

Enjoy the process. I know I do. It is a fun game to play. It brings more awareness to your now.

Remember to Breathe In, let go of your ego-based thoughts and vision, see from your Soul and Love Out.

Dr. Nathalie 😊




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