Faith it until you make it (2)

Two years ago, I wrote a blog about faith… Faith it until you make it in which I was mentioning that I believe the real meaning of the fake it part in the  Fake it until you make it expression is actually having faith in it until it happens. And by faking it, by pretending long enough, one ends up believing it… which made me change that sentence few years ago for Faith it until you make it every time I am hearing someone say it.

In that blog I am mentioning how we have faith in many things and many people without necessarily calling it faith. I invite you to read it following the link in first paragraph.

Today, as I was doing some Inner work and a gratitude list, I realized that trusting our Self, our Inner Self seems to be so much harder than trusting a stranger.  How can this make sense?

Faith is trusting. Faith is believing. And I am me, not a stranger.

So, as I was writing down some gratitude and new assertive affirmations from what I have discovered though Inner work ̶ yes, I am always teachable and do my Inner work, I thought about the fact that growing up I was told to not always trust others, but also not to trust myself much. Okay, that might have not been said as boldly or clearly, but it was implied in grown-ups telling me/us what to do, what to think, what to believe and which people or actions to follow, regardless of our feelings and intuition. And I am not saying we must reinvent the wheel here as I understand it is a normal and cultural ways of doing and parenting, but yes it crossed my mind that while I am taking full responsibilities for my beliefs and patterns, there is a tiny part in me that can see how it was created and some are coming from others without my asking.

Could I have changed that? Is it possible from birth to never be influenced in any ways and adapt to other people’s beliefs? No. Simply not. And you know what? This is all okay.

We are here for our own evolution and spiritual growth, and all those learnings and influences that we all had and have, are different for each one of us. And the same belief can be interpreted differently also by different people.

We are here to learn and grow, and how could we do this without experiencing and without developing awareness, and without learning to be mindful of our now, so we can reprogram our subconscious in order to reach our Authentic Self.

We all reprogram our subconscious without being mindful, but when we embark on a mindfulness journey, and when we voluntarily start doing our Inner work to reprogram our mindset by adding personal and positive data to our database, our subconscious, we are opening ourselves to fully live our purpose. We are allowing ourselves to enjoy our life.

I have been working with clients for decades in helping them to do that, but I can tell you that when I have a aha moments in doing my own Inner work, there is not a time that I am not feeling my Inner light shining even brighter from inside out and this makes me so happy and vulnerable at the same time. In those moment I am feeling invincible, not because nothing can ever happen to me, but because I know I am a conqueror, and I am living through my Authentic Self.

How do you deal with your beliefs and patterns that are not suiting your life and who you want to become? Have you started to mindfully do some Inner work? Have you committed yourself to yourself yet on living the better life you can live? This starts with you. It can only start with you.

Since many years ago when I faithfully decided to follow my dreams and collaborate with my Inner Self, I have been living my dreams one after the others. I have plenty more which is why I am still doing my Inner work, because the more I am doing it, the more doors open effortlessly. When I understood that it was all about faithing it until I was making it, things changed for the better.

How is your faith? How is your trust in your Inner Self? Have you met your Inner Self?

Here is a link to an audio I have created a while ago to help clients who are embarking on their spiritual and mindfulness journey. Take the time to take the time for your well-being. Remember it can only starts by accepting that you want better.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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