Being Soulely productive

Are you being productive from your Soul or your ego?

Yesterday I was about to start enjoying some new learnings on my laptop and to make sure I was not missing out on anything or taking a “break too soon” from productive time, I asked myself before opening the tab: “Can I do something right now to “get” a client or “for” a client? No. Nothing came up. So, nothing Soulely productive was in my psychic atmosphere. 🙂 There were a few things I could have worked on, which I could have done following some ego fear-based thoughts or doubts, but nothing specifically requested or to be delivered or handed over this day or the next one was inspired.

This seems to be my new question these days to help myself and avoid overdoing, and yes, I admit keeping myself in my equilibrium.  Because when you are your own business, there are times working with clients, times working for clients getting a few things ready for next appointments, or being creative personalizing documents for next homework, and there are marketing times also to make yourself known and yes, get clients. A business is a business no matter its domain.

This can actually be applied to parenting as well. I remember when my kids were all younger, I was managing pretty well with the same kind of question. You know, there are 24 hours in one day and it is good to keep a few of them for fun and some for sleep-time. 🙂

I invite you to take the time to ask yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed if you are working for your Soul or for your ego, from your Soul or from your ego. It’s easy to know… being Soulely productive is peaceful and fun, even when you work 14 hours straight.

And to see if you are being influence by some ego-based fears… take a moment to review and assess if it is necessary to do it now or start on it now, from having a great idea or enjoyable time to get to it… or if you are afraid to miss out on something or maybe fear that if you are not doing it now, you are not “being right”.

It is easy to get overwhelmed when we are working for and from the ego standpoint.

Enjoy the process… give yourself an ego break.

Nathalie 🙂



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