Measurable goals

Sharing a slice of my life with you today 🙂

I received a printed copy of my first Oracle deck I have created and designed, and I was questioning myself yesterday about the approach I will teach in the workshop for its usage to keep it about lifting up the ego veil, and not just using it with already known type of spreads. Its purpose is to lift up the ego veil. It was inspired for this purpose and inner work.

And this morning I sat down to look into my 2022 and Q1 goals assignment, but it felt wrong again. Something feels off to me to put measurables in goals setting, hence the not setting personal goals anymore but more simply follow all my inspirations and inspired actions, so I asked within how do I set measurables without my ego timing? After a little self-talk and journaling, I heard very clearly where my ego veil was, which I lifted happily.

And then I was inspired to draw some cards asking what my energetic situation is for today/now; what is my personal work to do about it to lift up my ego veil, and what is the potential result from that inner work?

I draw the cards to yes, see the accuracy of my new deck which I was able to confirm from what I already knew about my personal morning meditation and journaling. And there it was all taking form. 🙂

You must know first that setting goals adding a measurable tangible component to it, is ego-based to me as I reprogrammed myself to be flexible on the divine or cosmic mutual plan and the divine timing which comes with it as I co-create it. So, setting a measurable goal that includes a number for a specific date is ego-oriented to me. And in my self-talk, I heard it. Yes, I heard that I am not believing in my power within myself enough. I do believe it is within me, that I am.  I do know it is there and I am in sync with it, most of the time, yet I am putting limits to my inner power like if it was not from me, but from the divine through me, therefore making me powerful in the divine, but not a divine powerful being myself. There is such a beautiful nuance in this. Do you see it? And I saw my blockage about my power in making it happen “with measurable goals” too, not only leaving it to the divine timing, which I am co-creating as well. This was a different perception than my previous ones.

I knew this, but I still had a tiny veil on it, and it was now lifted. 🙂

Now, if I was to do a reading “before” understanding this or having a aha moment, it would have been read like this.

Card 1 -The energetic situation is that I am powerful already and Source’s power within me is the collaboration I need to manifest our mutual desires, not Source’s desire, but our mutual ones, as my will is Thy will.

Card 2 – How can I help this belief; what is my personal inner work today to lift up the ego veil? Well, it is to find the strength within away from my ego, therefore going within to understand it and hear what I need to understand me, Nathalie. Some wisdom is at play, and I can tap into it today to lift up that ego veil. I am(was) on the edge of its clarification. A breakthrough was in motion and available to me.

Card 3 – And the beautiful potential result from this that I can bring on a personal level is loving from my heart without conditions, but to see this related to my intention, which was how do I set measurables without my ego timing- because that part of setting goals was bothering me as I have been learning to be flexible and follow all my inspired actions… the ego veil to lift was for me to think that I cannot set those measurables and attain them on our mutual co-creative timing. And now I can. I am.

And today it is the beautiful energy I am tapping into.

I am happily grateful, first for the confirmation of the teaching approach with my new deck, and second or first 🙂 for the lifting up the ego veil I still had on measurables when it comes to setting goals, which I haven’t been able to do for a few years. Well, I do set intentions but not with clear measurables and tangibles.

This is awesome. I love it!

Do you set goals? How to you set them?  I set my intention for a new year based on my inspirations and my personal influent energy that I feel and understand, but now I will happily set few measurables in them without thinking they are ego-based requests of timing. Of course, I will do it wisely without my ego pitching in.

I am teaching that our ego is our ally, and my ego is already/mostly my ally, but it feels now that I just mastered something else in my personal life lessons. Well I hope my sharing can help you when it comes to making our ego our ally in all spheres of life.

Set your goals and commit, make it happen. My first commitment was to clarify my measurables belief. √

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂



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