Course-correction routine

Do you have a course-correction routine besides a well-being or spiritual daily routine?

Mine is having some super greens when I get up and drink it mindfully, knowing it is benefiting me as I am drinking it feeling I am course-correcting few choices.

Do a little meditation or Self-Reiki treatment to mindfully reset my energy from a too busy week in which I did not take enough me-time, not enough stillness moments to my satisfaction.

And of course, being mindfully grateful. When I am course-correcting my energy, when I feel it’s time for a reset, my list is a little different than my others, which are very present moment mental lists. This one is a list of all the good and greatness from those very busy days, so I give them a positive association. It’s like winding down after a crazy day making sure I keep the great and let go of the rest.

What is yours? How do you take the time to reset your energy when you have been happily busy or busier than usual to keep your uniqueness intact?

Have a beautiful day!

Nathalie 🙂



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