It’s not material

Someone brought up an interesting point before yesterday. Why being grateful for tangible/material things to step away from the ego-based thoughts? It seems so futile and materialistic when in crisis.

In my teaching method, Step 1 is making a list of gratitude from only tangible things that are around you, because the ego is to the physical body and when you are under its influence, you are nowhere near positive or spiritual good feelings, so while the ego-based thoughts are taking over, it becomes the easiest way and tool, to sort of stay making the ego not fight it too hard, yet helping you to slowly step away from its influence. And to do that you just need to look around and list I am grateful for… I am grateful for…

While doing that, you are physically moving and focusing on something else for short periods of time since you list one thing after the other. Which is perfect when under the ego influent energy.

While being grateful for something material might sound silly, those things do add a positive value in your life whether you feel it or see it in your now… until you feel it and see it.
You benefit from your bed to rest/sleep. You benefit from your television to enjoy time, laugh, be entertained.You benefit from your mobile phone to stay in contact with loved ones or be entertained.You benefit from a plant soothing you when you look at it, or cleaning the air you breathe.

Everything has a well-being value which might be different for each one of us so it is not just a futile material thing. The ego makes it see only as material things.

So when you list tangible things to step away from your ego, it is the first step I teach because it does not require you to be in any positive mindset to find gratitude.

It is a spiritualbadass Soulciété week for me and I am 100% committed to improving my online presence sharing with you.

I take the time to also share the beautiful impact gratitude has.

I invite you to look at the first image of this article in which I briefly show the four steps to integrate gratitude in a way that is unconditional to how your day went. Get a notebook and start listing your gratitude everyday and do a full week with only step one, to create a habit of acknowledging what is around you and stepping away from your ego-based mind. Then the second week, continue do do this list and when you are done, add a second list from the first one, from the things you wrote down, list a reason they make you feel grateful, list why you are grateful for that thing opening up to positive feelings, and add the 3rd step the following week and so on looking into the brief description. This way you are integrating gratitude but you are also developing a positive mindset where you willingly choose the positive thoughts and feelings over the negative ones.

You can also learn how to do this with a little help from me with videos and pdf documents with the How to Develop a Gratitude Attitude course, which is still 50% off until December 31, 2021.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂



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