Demystifying the path of least resistance

Finding the easiest path
to feel better does not mean
the road is all clear, it means you feel better on that one.

I have a perfect example for you, because often people think that the coast has to be clear to feel better and be on our least resistance path.

So in a few words, there were very very strong winds with stronger gusts and it was to be like that all night, gusts increasing overnight.

I love wind, but when evening arrives, strong winds increase my stress level and bring me on a fight or flight alert mode. I could not shake it off even though I knew I was safe because the window and patio door was shaking and the wall trembling with every gust allowing me to feed my stress.
So, I had a self-talk, and also asked the angels to help me feel secure, feel safe, because I knew it was about my feelings and not facts. It is very secure where I live.
I went to the bathroom and became aware that the noise was less threatening. I could even see the television from the door. 🙂 I sat on the floor to feel how I was feeling. I was feeling better. I had the crazy idea to set up a camping spot to sleep there because I knew the winds would wake me up/stress all night. Guess what? I did. 🙂 After thinking it was a crazy idea and I could do better, be better and sleep in my bed, I understood that I requested to feel better and feel safe and there it was, my path of least resistance during this challenging weather. 🙂
I slept and felt safe there even when hearing once a while the strong winds making everything tremble. There was an extra wall between us.

💫So you see, to feel good does not mean to be in a completely perfect state,  but one that makes you feel better in your mind; one that shuts off your ego-based mind interfering.

I hope this example helps you if you are sometimes looking for the perfect clear path to feeling better, which is not always feeling great.

Nathalie 🙂



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