The energies influencing your path.

Okay, today I feel it is the start of changing a few things. I am already feeling my 2022 energy influencing my now. As usual, my next year’s influent energy starts in December. I can almost feel the day the energy shifts near mid-December.

After having a year where hard work, and I mean lots of work was being done, I managed to do this under the wisdom of working effortlessly hard. I have been following my inspirations one after the other without counting the hours. I also was in full connection with my Inner guidance, my Inner Self and my creative influent energy. Most of the time, I knew a little what was coming and sometimes, I was even writing down something for the next day so I would not forget about it, because I am very abundant in the idea area, but the next morning, when I was sitting down to work on those ideas, I was inspired to do a little something before, and without exception, that turned out to be the inspiration to follow all the way through, bringing me to follow one inspiration then another, and it always helped what was on my list from the previous evening, either in clarifying the process or the outcome to create.

So, this year, while I might have blogged a little less, I have built my online well-being center Breathe In Love Out Center, bringing my work online, not a center for physical well-being, but mental well-being. A place with virtual resources that I am creating that aims at addressing the spirit part of the mind, body and spirit equilibrium.

As far as I remember, I am not one to take resolutions when the New Year starts, I am more following a general theme I feel inspired to follow, and it is only in my 40s that I realized that when looking back at what my current year was all about. I was able to observe a thread throughout all my experiences and situations.  And when I was took a course in numerology a while back, it started to make perfect sense; my theme was the energy influencing my year numerology wise.  Numerology is one of the mystics tools that makes the most sense to an ego mind and when I took that course, it was an answer to my desire to connect to more rational people. When I wrote my book Which energy influences your path? a few years ago, I also added a chapter about the wisdom to make one more mindful and dive into that influent energy with a positive mindset. That book is being edited so it is not available. But I truly love how the energy influences our path, our experiences and our learnings.

Are you one to take resolutions? And how are you finding those? Are you deciding from an ego-based mind standpoint thinking you must do this or that to be happier?

How about taking the following weeks to write down an overview of this current year that will be ending soon, and be the observer of your own life to see what seems to be the common thread. Was is newness, stabilization, being more social and catching up with loved ones, hard work, changes and movements, being more at the service of others, feeling more reclusive taking the time to go within yourself, feeling like a conqueror taking your power back into manifestation and abundance or letting go to make place for more newness again as the cycle starts again? Although the cycles are continuous, the wisdom and experience change because we change, we grow, we expand and we spiritually grow.

I am inviting you to start taking the time to observe your influent energy instead of taking resolutions made from the ego-based mind.

Take the time to let me know if you want. I would love to know.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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