Patience is your ally

Allow yourself to enjoy and stabilize what you have started.

Very often once we have started something new bringing its beautiful newness energy of excitement, it is not easy to be patient and slow down without feeling that we should continue with the same pace without missing the boat.
But when you are at the phase of stabilizing something, it is normal to not feel that exciting energy as much, or it can also be normal to wish to continue under such exciting energy but at the risk of following ego-based thoughts and not the inspired ones. This is also the step in a project or any situation where one might feel not productive enough, not doing enough. It’s a collaborative state of being that is required, a collaboration with your Inner Self

When it is time to stabilize something, patience becomes your ally. And once you accept to be patient and go within for the inspired actions instead of the ego for the next action, there is a beautiful effortless work energy that slowly sets in.

Take the time to see how you are doing in that department.
Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂



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