Back to the wall to face your fears

Recently, I found myself into a situation where I felt I was facing a wall, or maybe more back to a wall facing my fears. Yes, this is more accurate.

I have been working on a new online well-being center for almost a year now, and it has been a lot of work to establish my online authority on social media, creating online content, and pushing the marketing to attract people to it. It has been 80-90 hours per week nonstop no vacations time and following all my inspirations and inspired actions for almost a year now. Passionate and fun work, I admit, because I love what I do.

I understood that it does not matter what experience one might have, how many years, and how many in-person clients one might have had; starting an online business is starting from scratch again; the audience and clients are not the same.

I already know from personal knowledge and business work experience that a new business is a baby for at least three years. Yes I hear it too… a personal fact limit statement, a limiting belief to reprogram.

I also know from many sources that not having a recurrent and “solid and satisfying” income paying all the bills for at least three to six months in a row, means the business is not solid yet and not viable yet. Yes I hear it too… another personal fact limit statement, a limiting belief to reprogram.

Those were some assumptions that I was working under. The ones I was feeding for believing them from personal knowledge and experience in the business world.

Those were my energy blockages I was carrying with me.

And, I found myself facing my worst fears… asking for help and also overcoming some marketing self-doubts. I was walking towards that wall that was getting bigger and bigger and bigger, until one morning I turned around and face my fear… and ask for help and went within about my marketing fears. I do like to see myself as a teacher and therapist but when you are your own business, marketing is part of the tasks to make it happen.

I wanted that negative energy and stressful energy to go away, so I decided to face it and handle it. Not handle it by looking at other options, by trying something else, or by ignoring it hoping it was going to go away, but by facing it and handling it, handling that fear of asking for help, handling that fear of believing in my skills to promote myself. So, I asked for help. And I received help. I started marketing differently and have learned to like it.

And guess what? That assumption of me needing help was off my psychic energy and my thoughts, as it was no longer a fear. That assumption of annoying people when I do marketing was also off my psychic energy as it was no longer a fear.

The power of the assumptions is such an amazing power. And most of the time we know it from its negative approach.

But it is not positive nor negative. When we assume something, we are stating the result and its reality.

And often, by trying to avoid something, we are creating an assumption we do not wish to have but it grows and grows and grows bigger making us walk towards a wall, until we face that wall and the only thing to do is to turn around and face the fear.

You know the saying “What you want is on the other side of your fear.”? Well, it is not on the other side of the wall… it is on the other side of the fear, because once you have turned around putting yourself back to the wall, you are facing your fear, and to move forward you must move through it and to its other side, freeing yourself from it. It is on the other side of your fear.

And you know what happened after I received that help and started enjoying self-marketing? I woke up without stress building up on my shoulder and I woke up knowing that I was going to give some more 10-14 hours a day, but I knew that I was on the edge of something grateful and beautiful, and I did not want to let it go, so that help allowed me that… to see it becoming the successful business I knew I am building and that I knew it can become.

One thing I must add to make this complete… while I was struggling with this stressful walk towards the wall, I was on a rush to follow some creative ideas trying to make something else work in a short period of time and guess what… it was meant to be because what I worked on was on the back burner and it needed to come on the front one, and without that walk towards the wall, it would have stayed there longer, when it was my breakthrough I was looking for. So even those moments have a beautiful and perfect reason to exist.

Amazing, isn’t it?

One thing you probably know about me if you read my blog regularly is I am connected within as much as I am breathing in and out every day, but I am also learning my personal life lessons as everyone else, and I am also experiencing things to help me learn and master them, which I will do until the end. And those experiences are always part of my teaching now, like me experiencing something firsthand to a different level so I can talk and write about it… just like now I did.

Nathalie 🙂



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