The pieces not fitting in your vehicle

We are the physical vehicle for our Soul, for our spiritual being. The purpose of this physical being is to allow the spiritual being experience this life, learn and fulfill the Soul’s desires, expand and help the Universe expands.

Why then do we seem to insist sometimes to carry all the weight of our life experiences? This creates heaviness. Heaviness in all forms because that energy that is not ours to keep and manifests in so many ways.

As we are living our life and experiencing our life, it is not one of our tasks to create an archive containing all our experiences and emotions, let alone carrying it like if it must stay in the vehicle in case of an emergency, maybe thinking we might need to look into it. And the more we get older, the more we have content in your archives we might be carrying, which is not healthy to do. It creates stresses on our vehicle.

Yet, we so often find ourselves doing exactly that… carrying our archives with us which makes the weight heavier and heavier and heavier.

Knowing what happened and remembering something is different than carrying the heavy weight of an archive. It could be compared to reading a book, maybe paying more attention to some parts by taking a few notes as you read to reinforce your learnings, yet, you have not kept neither none of those because you know exactly where to find it if you ever need it. Maybe for someone reading a book once a while it makes a lot of sense to keep it and enjoy a beautiful home library, but what if I was telling you that you are reading a few books every day since you were born, you might not need all those books in your today, and some might be so far up on the shelves that you never reach them even if you can still see them because you keep them present in your today.

We are spiritual being into physical being, and our physical being is the vehicle for our Soul and our Soul is not heavy.

You are a spiritual being into a physical being and your Soul enjoys its physical being vehicle. Are you always carrying some sort of archives making your journey heavier than it should be? Why would you do that? Why do you do this? Are you afraid of letting go of something in case you forget and that there might be something you wish not to forget because it is part of you and your life?

Just like knowing where to find a book or some information in a book, you can let go of it. You do now need to hold it in your hand, not even own it in your Now, as you enjoy your life path.

Release the heavy weight, the pieces not fitting in your vehicle making your journey heavier than necessary. Love them for what they are today, pieces not fitting anymore in your vehicle.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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