Beyond the assumption

Beyond the assumption, there is a knowingness.

When we assume something, we are still assuming from the conscious mind. It is like assuming from a tamed ego thought or belief.

And beyond that assumption, when the ego is not part of it anymore, there is a knowingness, a knowingness that it is. A sense of deep soul-felt accomplishment. No ego-excitement, no cheerful excitement, just a simple relief feeling. A feeling making you see your Soul is in accord with your physical being detachment for some outcome.

That state of being is not something one can try to reach. It comes to you. It is not a state of being you work at reaching or you run to. It comes and meet you where you are. It meets you. It offers itself to you. It is given to you, to the physical you.

That state of being is not something one can try to reach, because when you “try” to reach that state, you are working with your ego, you might be wise about it, you might go with the flow, your ego might be your ally, but that knowingness is when you have deeply and truly let go of any type of outcome and wrong reasons of that outcome, for that outcome following an inspired action.

And then that is when you have walked beyond the assumptions last point, when knowingness can be felt as if it was always there waiting for you… but you have not reached it, it came to you from beyond your assumptions. And you met.

There are many things I know just because I know. But today as I was following an inspired action, not particularly filled with excitement but happy with what I was doing and creating, believing it was great as it was, I found myself strangely meeting that rendez-vous point where it was not something I knew but more like knowingness was meeting me, maybe because I mindfully saw the process being made right before my eyes, my Inner vision eye.

Nathalie 🙂



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