Have you met your Inner Self?

Today I will talk about the ego, the personality of the physical being, and the spiritual being, the Inner being.

To become aware of your Inner Self, your spiritual Self or your Soul, you must go within and sort of separate yourself from your physical being and senses.  You do not separate yourself physically but mentally.

A great way to do that is to meditate because when you meditate you step away from your ego-based mind thoughts. You can reach that state of being where you are tapping into your spiritual being. Meditating can be done while walking, while sitting down, while being still, however you enjoy it. It does not have to be on a yoga mat. Meditating means being mindful of your connection you are establishing with your Inner Self.

So back to the topic; the physical body, the physical being have five senses and those are for the physical being to live a life, to enjoy life, and to create in a life. The five senses allow you to live your physical life and it does not matter if all of your physical senses are all active or not.

The Inner Self, the Inner being also have senses and those are mostly referred to as “clairs” like clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance.  You know someone clairvoyant is not seeing magic or being a magical person; it is simply someone able to see from the Inner Self vision, which is interconnected to others as we are all interconnected.

So, some people know how to use their Inner being skills to help others: to help others read their own energy. They become messengers or helpers to the ones not yet able to do that on their own. Some people are more skilled than others, and some newly skilled are not yet mastering their skills. Everyone is learning. And many are aware of them but simply use them for themselves.

For example, the 3rd eye is the eye of the Soul, the Inner Self vision one can have. And to activate it, one must go within to be in touch with its Inner Self.

With your physical body, if you close your eyes, you will not see anything, you might see some light through your eyelids and maybe you will not, depending on yourself.

So, with the Inner being vision or the 3rd eye, it is the same thing. You can see or not, depending if it is open or not, and you might see blurry lights if you are aware that there is one but it is close. And you can see clearly if it is open. And you can open your eye to the non-physical.

It is as simple as this.

To use your energy senses, you simply must learn to connect and communicate with your Inner Self for your own good and for the greater good.

About the communication between the two that makes you whole; the spiritual being also talks to the physical being through emotions, through physical alarms like the pain and disease (dis-ease), making you aware that there is something not at ease between the two through physical sensations you cannot maybe explain with your five senses. It is up to us to understand what it means, and very often to understand, the ego interferes making some sort of reason from facts from the past, past facts because the ego cannot see and comprehend the non-physical and cannot see what is coming. The ego is to the physical being only; it can only use facts to create a story from past data, so the conscious mind gathers information from the database, your subconscious, where everything from your mind, from your life, and from your Inner being experiences is stored. And the ego gathers the most recent active data. And it is not because something happened a very long time ago that it means it will not be active.

What is active is what you believe.

So, if you have not changed a belief into something else, it remains active. If you have not reprogrammed a belief, it will remain the way it was stored.

What your physical being is experiencing with its five senses becomes data, which means that even when you see something on television for example, or you read a book and create a mental image with what you read, it becomes an active data in your subconscious mind.

Your Inner Self or your Soul is your spiritual being helping you to go through life, enjoying life and creating all you need for your purpose, and also for you to learn your life lessons, to grow and expand.

Connecting to your Inner Self allows you to collaborate throughout your lifepath.

So going within to understand your emotions, to read the energy you feel, to learn how to deal with what’s going on, is you, seeking Inner guidance, the wisdom of your spiritual being, knowing exactly where you are heading. And that Inner guidance can lead you through it in an effortless way.

So to meet you in your Inner Self, you must go within yourself. And it can be work in progress because it is not always easy to step away from the ego-based thoughts and stories. And I might have mentioned meditation earlier, but there are so many ways to access and activate that beautiful connection.  I do not need today to sit down and meditate to have this Inner communication; it is something done naturally. But sometimes I do need to stop my thoughts from interfering with negative emotions or undesired feelings. Today I might be able to step out of this with a few breaths, but it was not always that way; it was not always this possible.

In my online well-being center you can find more and more tools to help you with that, as I am adding content to it as I am creating it but you already have a few of them in the Self-help tools & tips library.

So, to meet you Inner Self, the first step is to step away from your ego-based thoughts, from your ego-based negative thoughts, transmuting your energy to a more positive one allowing you to be in a better receptive state of mind and state of being to allow yourself to receive the beautiful positive energy of Inner Self.  You know your Inner Self is pure positivity, so when you don’t feel positive, it simply means you are disconnected. It doesn’t mean you will always be cheerful-positive, but positive not negative.

So, to understand more about the ego; the ego is to the physical being, to the survival being, to the survival instinct. Your ego is your ally. Your ego is a way for you to be aware of what’s going on around you. You are not always in a fight or flight response so it is like if the ego was exaggerating the story, what was going on to remain in the driver’s seat, and when you make your ego your ally, when you understand that you ego is your ally just bringing you some alarms making you aware of whatever is for you to learn, to understand, then the ego is on the passenger seat  just telling you “watch this, be careful for that.” It is not in control, it’s helping you. So that was my little something about the ego here.

Take the time to meet your being. Take the time to understand that your ego is not your Inner being, and there’s a difference between both. Each one of them has their part to play in your life.

So, enjoy meeting your Inner being, your Inner Self.

Nathalie 🙂




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