Letting go is very positive

Letting go is very positive. It means you have both feet in your new now.

It means you are aligning yourself to what is, bringing yourself back to your positive “now” power.

It does not mean you have to forget the past. It means you can take your skills and abilities from it and use it in your now, adapting them to your now, creating yourself.

Often people think they have to let go of who they are, when in fact they only have to let go of the experience that was, and leave it as a past experience, the situation that was or the whatever that was, because they still have one foot in the past and one foot in the now, and farther this past is, wider is the space between the feet making moving difficult.

If it comes back, it will be a new experience with your “now” being.

Letting go simply means you are taking your knowledge, your abilities, your learnings, and you can simply adapt them to your now while having both feet in your now space.

It is the ego-based mind that makes you believe that you are losing whatever is. You have gain: experience, knowledge, lessons learned, wisdom, strength, growth.

What is it that you are not letting go?

Why are you afraid of letting go?

Why have you chosen that battle?

Why do you believe you must hold on? Is that answer from your ego?

Take the time to assess why you cannot let go what you cannot let go. Take the time to acknowledge the emotions and allow yourself to overcome them without your ego-based mind interfering. Take the time to see how this can fit in your today and if not, then let it go knowing it is part of your past that was then your now.

Nathalie 🙂




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