Imagine it out of your reality

Can you truly imagine what you wish for the way you wish it, or are you imagining it with “actual” facts? Can you imagine something out of your reality?

Often this might be the only obstacle to creating tomorrow and allowing us to open new doors and seeing new steps.

Using out imagination is something we all freely do when we follow some negative thoughts making us assume something will happen this or that way, and that imagination is based on facts, our facts, or the ones our conscious mind gathers from negative data from our subconscious.

When comes the time for us to imagine something we wish for, it might become normal to also use facts, our facts, the same way, even if we think we make them better and more joyful and more satisfying. It is possible that the tendency to use some facts remain in that wishful imagination process.

Allow your imagination to bring you to new places.

Allow your imagination to open new doors.

Allow yourself to not know future facts.

Start imagining like if you were writing a movie script. One that has never been written before and one in which you can create as many special effects as you wish knowing that someone somewhere can do it; one in which you can add whatever and whoever you want, and one that can be filmed wherever you want.

Take the time to daydream what you wish for out of your reality.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂

Note about this photo: Yesterday I felt an urge to step outside to film my little 1-minute of mindfulness videos, and I was in awe to see this amazing sign, this beautiful celestial dragon.


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