The clean stains

Have you ever washed something over and over and the stains were still there and not going away? Yes, you could take some bleach, but let’s say that it is a fabric that cannot hold any sort of bleach. When that happens, I call them clean stains. 😊

Now let’s pretend that it is a tablecloth that you cannot throw away for your whole life because it is that precious. And let’s pretend the stains are tinny spots here and there on that big tablecloth. And okay, let’s pretend also that there are a few ones maybe bigger than the others. And let’s add that if they are too big, you might dye the fabric and give it a new beautiful color in which the stains will fit in.

Will the stains keep you from using it? Can you live with the stains? Yes, your ego-based mind might make you want a different one, and it might also make you think you should get rid of it, but like said in the beginning, you cannot throw it away for your whole life.

You can either be upset by the stains and trying to hide them and wash them away over and over, or you can learn to live with them and stop focusing so much on them to eventually make them part of the fabric beauty because those stains have their stories.

Some people are trying to get rid of their old stains in their personal life stories. Some people are trying to get rid of their old stories not making them part of their life, their experiences and all that they saw and lived. And just like that fabric that could not be bleached but only colored, so is your life, you cannot bleach it. You cannot bleach your life, your stories are yours and they are all the beautiful and less beautiful moments where some left stains that are not going away and never will. Some fades away with time and some are stubborn ones.

Where is your focus? On the tiny stains? On each one of them? Why do they bother you? Do you still have something to learn from it, to forgive yourself or to let go?

Are they so big that you cannot overcome the fact that they are always present, and they upset you because they are? Are they so big that you cannot find your original self-beauty? How about then coloring your own life so they fit in, they blend in?

You can use what happened and make it part of your beautiful color that you are, that beautiful unique color that is you.

Allowing the stains to blend in, to fit in means that you are allowing your past be part of who you are today. You were learning. You were growing. You were mastering not to let what stained you leave more similar spots again… or you are on your way to that. The stains are not the tablecloth. The stains are not you.

Sometimes, when we cannot bleach out some life stains, we can just clean them and move on with clean stains. They are there, but your focus is not on them. You know they are there, but they have their old stories and not present moment stories.

It might be a nice reminder that now you know how to not let it leave any stains.

It might be a nice reminder of how far you have come since.

Whatever your personal stains are to you and what they mean to you… they are there because you lived and experiences something either good or lesser good. And they are also there because you keep looking at them.

When you start looking at the big picture, they will fade away in your perception, just like when you look at the beautiful table setting with all the beautiful things you can add to it, you will not see the stains anymore, even if they are there.

Who knows… maybe they will slowly fade away with time. And guess what? You might also add some more while you are living your life enjoying your experiences.

Let the stains be stains.

Nathalie 🙂



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