Is it a solution or “the” solution?

Sometimes, when I am “feeling” an idea to solve an issue, but I am not sure yet about it, I play the is it a solution or “the” solution personal game.

I sit down, well I mostly stand comfortably against wall like if having an overview without really seeing what is in front of me (I think standing up shift my energy to the solution-oriented one), and I am brainstorming by myself. I am putting out loud an idea and if I feel some hesitation, some resistance that are not followed by clarifications, I know it is a solution but not “the” solution, which I say out loud: “Okay it is a solution, but not the solution. And I go on like this with the few or many ideas I might have about what is the issue at hand.

This little game allows me to let go of some ego-based thoughts thinking that it can solve something when I am to wait for the better solution, the real solution. It also allows me to get off the stressful and anxious train of thoughts that might be building up in my mind, because I address them one by one, instead of ignoring them and having them scream louder for my attention.

Once I am done, I might not have the solution right at that moment, but I have been through all the wrong ones releasing them one by one which can lift up my energy level that was getting heavy or heavier in my psychic atmosphere and it allows more mind space for me to be in a listening mode.

Try it. Make it personal but only with what is coming to your mind, do not add to it by looking and searching for solutions.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂



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