Self-Realization Verse 4

Today is the Verse 4 from my latest book Self-Realization Food for thoughts that I will be posting each day for the next 21 days.

A beautiful 21 days through Oneness.

I invite you to first read that article if you haven’t already, to put yourself into the context of why I am posting these.


Nathalie 🙂




I am Source because Source is ME.

I am an expression of HIS will.

I am expressing HIS ideas with my physical being senses.

I am receiving HIS ideas that are personal to me.

I am unique with my own skills.

I am unique in my purpose.

I am therefore important in HIS expansion plan.



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I invite you to start reading this blog with the first article that was published April 8, 2019 and you can read your way up. Enjoy your reading!



Great news!

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