Move away your own clouds

Today I was sitting questioning myself how something that was so obvious today was invisible to me yesterday and before yesterday. I was questioning the fact that I have seen it few weeks ago, and why suddenly it was not visible to me; why that solution was not obvious to me yesterday as it is so clear in my now, today.

And then I heard… because the cloud was blocking my view and it has now left my space, my psychic atmosphere space.

And I did not push the cloud away. I did not know how to. I actually simply requested help from my Universe’s team and I received a call, a phone call actually, allowing me to clear away that cloud from my space, suddenly allowing me to see that all was okay. All was good and all was well.

The thing is… it was already okay the day before, and the day before that, but that cloud was all I could see. It was growing in size every day and even if I can be grateful and smile and feel positive through all situations, that cloud was blocking my view when I was looking up and I knew it was not the right view, but I could not get a look at the sunshine I knew was behind and above. That cloud did not seem to be passing by but more staying above my head which I knew was impossible because everything is movement even when very slow.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you could not get in touch with the positive reality you saw, knowing it is there, but this huge cloud is preventing you from seeing it?

How about moving those clouds one by one? We have the power to do so. You have the power to do so. That beautiful Greater Power from within can do that.

Sometimes the first step after realizing something is preventing you from seeing the positivity of something, or the light at the end of the tunnel, is to ask for help. I am not saying asking others for help but asking your Heaven’s team for help. Asking within. I do like the analogy of asking the Universe for help to move away the clouds in the sky.

To move that cloud, all it took was a phone call that I ignored yesterday from being busy with something. All it took was for me to answer it today. That phone call was, let’s say, the process to send and move that cloud away, the one preventing me from seeing what I knew was there few weeks ago but became invisible.

How many clouds do you have like that over your head?

The first step is to ask within, and then respond to the calls. Yes, here I am talking about a phone call, but I am actually talking about the courage to answer any calls you receive in any forms and shapes they come.

It is easy to know if that call is a good one because it will be directly related to what you requested. No ambiguity.

Clouds are not negative in themselves. It is always about the personal perception and where our focus is.

When your clouds are getting too big and dark, it means you are letting your ego be the standpoint to see the sky. Ask within for help to keep smiling while the clouds are passing by… and answers the calls helping you to keep that smile active moving you from the ego-based mind’s view.

Nathalie 🙂



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