The energy of a smile

Did you know a simple smile can change your energy level? It might not always be a major change, but even one that is not yet felt still contains a magical energy.

Take the time to smile… smile to others, smile to no one in particular, smile to yourself in the mirror, smile alone while breathing in and out, smile to simply smile.

Allow yourself to smile. Allow yourself to smile again.

Have you spent a lot of time alone or in harsh situations where smiling was not often part of it? Have you forgotten the feeling of smiling?

Take the time to smile today for no reason other than letting yourself know, letting your ego-based mind know that you can smile, and that smiling is good, and that a smile contains a beautiful positive energy. Smile!

Did you know that the act of smiling can instantly cut a negative thought momentum? Even if the heart of not yet feeling the beautiful energy of that smile.

Try it! Breathe in and out while smiling. Breathe In, Smile, Love Out.

Smile for no reason… or… because the reason is you want to feel good, or feel better.

Let the magic happen… start with a smile.

Nathalie 🙂



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