Each Soul is a ray

Each Soul is a ray of the beautiful Source’s light.

Have you ever heard the word lightworker? A lightworker is someone that takes their knowledge and skills and Inner connection to make the world a better place and help others in the way they can and are inspired to do so. We all have different skills and a personal purpose, yet all of those knowledge and skills are to help us share with others, help us create and bring what we can bring to life for the Greater good.

The thing is… we are all lightworkers. Yes, we are all lightworkers. Some simply haven’t found it out yet so are not in service of their purpose yet. That’s it.

The Soul is the beautiful connection, Inner connection to Source. The being part that is the extension of Source. If you have read other blogs from me, you know I like to say Source, God, Higher Consciousness and say let’s not put human limit to it. 🙂

Knowing our Soul is a ray of Source’s light, therefore connected to Source as its extension or expansion, doesn’t it then make sense to know that our Soul knows our purpose, our ways, our life lessons through experiences and situations? Doesn’t it make it simple to know our spiritual being knows it all?

It is simple yet so uncomprehend and unseen and untrusted. It is away from the ego-based mind.

Knowing that our Soul is a ray of Source’s light, beautifully shinning from within, doesn’t it make more sense to accept the fact that it is through an Inner connection, either meditation or prayers, however you do, that it is where we can also find the answers, peace of mind and proper guidance?

Coming back to the lightworker word. Maybe this can give you a different perception of some people around you, if not yourself, and openness to it. Lightworkers. Workers of light. It is not about woo woo stuff but about being connected within mindfully and following a purpose. And yes, whether it is mystics, esoteric, metaphysics, spiritual, ministerial, it is the same connection, simply different skills and knowledge to share what is coming from within. It’s all about connecting within without letting the ego interfering. It is also a little like learning the job while doing it.

Maybe you are aware of your skills and connection and new to following your intuition and inspirations and maybe this can help you clarify your work. Maybe this can give you even more confidence in following your beautiful path from your inspired actions. Well, if it does, I am happy it does. 🙂

Remember, we are all lightworkers, yet some just haven’t found it out yet… they just haven’t found out that they have a beautiful light shining from within themselves. They just haven’t been ‘mindfully’ in touch with it, with their Soul. Or maybe they have, and have just decided not to share it with others or publicly.

And it’s okay because we also have our personal path and personal life lessons to follow, learned and mastered.

Meditate on this today. Take the time to enjoy the beautiful connection to Source from within.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂




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