The answer is in the idea

Sometimes when confused about going one way or the other, you can find the answer in the idea.

The difference about a choice of pursuing something, or not, can be found in the idea.

If you received the idea but have thousands of fear-based reasons not to follow up on it, you still have received the idea. An idea that can lead to a beautiful realization and growth. You might not like it. You might not fully understand it yet. You might not know where it will lead you. All those ego-based thoughts can keep you from following up on it in your Now. You still received the idea. Maybe the hardest part is to accept it. Maybe the hardest part is to stop feeding the ego-based thoughts so you can understand and hear what the next step is, hear one step at a time. And even when not accepting it from the start is part of the plan. It opens doors when you are asking how to, what, where and why, because you might listen more after having tried everything on your own. You will get out of your own way.

If you haven’t received the idea from within, but not at all, and I mean not at all, but… you are encouraged by others to follow up on a shared idea for you that brings a fire, a tiny or bright light within; you know when others “encourage” you and it does trigger a maybe in yourself. The idea that touches your heart even if for a split second. You might face the same maybe coming with thousands of reasons not to follow up on it after you thought yes-maybe.  You might not understand yet where it will lead you. You might not like it yet. Still, it remains another way to receive ideas. And yes, you did receive it for you… because it triggered something in your heart about making you say yeah-maybe still, facing thousands of fear-based reasons or negative-based reasons.

This might erase the confusion about pursuing something or not, otherwise you would not be confused about it since it would not even be in your mind.

The real confusion comes next when it is time to listen to the next step without feeding the negative thoughts and all that can be wrong or go wrong with it. It is not the original idea that is confusing, but what comes after creating all the possibilities from it or with it. Those possibilities are not the original idea. Those possibilities can be seen like the results of many steps. The confusion might be in which path to follow, which steps to follow. Going back to the idea and going within to seek guidance can clarify all confusions.

The real confusion comes when the idea, the thought, starts thinking and the ego-based mind wants to keep control over it instead of following your Inner guidance.

Often, this is when people think that it is a choice or a crossroad, like if they were to follow or not the older path or one they do not like, and must decide between two or more choices.

It is not a crossroad; you are given an idea and different steps to follow and to see it grow. Listen with your heart to see which one catches your attention and your heart.

Each step is an open door to cross moving on to something that once was an idea you received, and it is now time to get to it (again-with each step), making you more ready than you ever were.

It is impossible to be confused about which idea to follow when you stay connected within. One will always be present and make itself brighter than the others when it is time to take care of it. You might see them all but one will be brighter than the others and feel more positive or peaceful than the others.

If you receive it, it is to be followed. Maybe not jump at it like a squirrel on walnuts; rest and take the time to be inspired, just go within to see how to. Be wise about it. Have fun with it. Allow yourself to see all the positive possibilities from it and see which one suits you and not your ego. See which one fills your heart with joy, the present moment joy.

It is in the idea you have received.

It is in accepting the idea you have received.

The ego only interferes with it to clarify how you can go with it and push you within to seek Inner guidance making sure you listen so you get out of your own way stronger and wiser and more confident about yourself.

I hope this can help you look at your ideas with a new perception. I know when I started looking at my ideas like this it did. It helped me stop doubting about them. It helped me understand and trust my intuition and my inspirations. The rest was in the courage to follow them and that courage I find it within.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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