Reaching the bottom of the wishing well

Sometimes we surrender to God, or Source or the Higher Power-or so we think. We might say we are. We might think we are letting the power of the Higher Consciousness step in and take over, but we still keep a tiny control with all sorts of ideas, either compromised ways or deals or we bring how-to(s). That happens when the ego has not yet taken the passenger seat.

It is a little like going down a wishing well, while not having yet reached the bottom of it, you do know you need help and you are already asking for it, but you have not reached that place where you can lay down and look up for it; where you can lay down and close your eyes to rest for a moment; where you can lay down, rest and stop moving to let the Universe do the search to find you where you are. That place where you can feel the Be Still and Know I am God (or Source or Universe… let’s not put a human limit).

Surrendering means allowing the Universe to meet you where you are, not at the ego defining point.

More often than not, that ego defining point is seen as giving a good fight and trying to make it happen. And that “good fight” will make you tired, and the more stubborn you are, the more tired you will become.

And then comes the real surrendering. The one where you finally reach that bottom where you can sit down and let it all out. The anger, the tears, the trust in yourself and maybe even in the Higher Consciousness.

The beauty of that is that you made it. Yes, you have made it! You simply might not know it.

When reaching that state of mind, you have reached the place where your ego has taken the passenger seat. And when the ego-based mind takes that passenger seat, the Universe can start driving. And everywhere the Universe, Source, the Higher Consciousness or God is driving you is always a better place, a Zen place, a satisfying place.

Some people hit the bottom full speed, creating a big crash, yet also bringing them faster to that resting point, and some take a very long time to get there and that journey might seem endless.

It’s okay, there are not good or wrong way, just personal ways.

Knowing this or having read this, if you recognize yourself, keep going because it is only at the bottom that you can lay down and look up while being in security. You cannot fall and nothing can harm you. You are fully secure even if you do not see it yet. Take a deep breathe and surrender to your wonderful Power from within.

Nathalie 🙂



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