The redirections of transmuted dreams

There are dreams you pursue no matter what. When something is not quite working, there is an energy motivating you to continue or try something else from new inspirations. There are dreams you continue to believe in because the redirections are not meaning to stop believing in them, they are helping you pre-paving your way to them.

And there dreams you pursue, for which the redirections are not positive; they are leaving you with negative feelings and tired. Those redirections are telling you to make a different choice, not of the next step but of choosing to pursue that dream altogether. Was it an ego-based dream? Being tired come from the ego not wanting to listen to it and fighting against that message. And the ego-based thoughts might have made you misunderstand the dream to follow.

Often, they both look the same. The difference is in the feeling, not only of the moment but the one it leaves behind.

Most often than not, on the way to a dream, there are signs and guidance making it all smooth or ish. And oops, sometimes, something that seemed like a past desire or dream come back up as it was left. It can be easy to reactivate them from where they were left when reappearing. That could be a clue of letting go.

A dream in motion is one that is made of thousands steps so when an old one come back up as it was, take the time to see if it was one that once served a purpose and developed into something already in motion or might even be completed in a different way and result, or if it is one that is a now component in your present moment. It might simply come back up to show you how much you have done since towards its achievement, or to remind you where all of what is going on is from.

The ones being a component of your now will bring you joy and positive feelings as they are making their sense into what is going on, oppose to the ones that are not to be reactivated as they were because they mutate and transformed into something else the ego-based mind might not see.

The ones not to be reactivated might bring you dissatisfaction when you decide to pursue them (again). They might bring you a lot of negative emotions when you keep not listening to the signs showing you to make a different choice.

A redirection guiding you to make a different choice than the original one that you do not follow can leave you with a feeling like if you have lost a fight and found yourself very tired. You might have a desire to take a nap and let go. Make sure you are not letting your ego take control in thinking it is still to be pursued making you believe it is up to you to make it happen… for ego ‘sake.

A redirection guiding you to something better will leave you hopeful with a desire to try or do something else. You will have new inspirations and positive intuition. You will feel a new positive energy.

The beautiful difference is in the feelings. Connect within to understand them and see them clearly.

Enjoy the redirection and the guidance as all dreams are possible, yet some transmute into something on the way and are not to go back to their original forms.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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