Turning away from Source pleases the ego

Turning away from Source pleases the ego-based mind.

Your ego is your beautiful ally in learning your life lessons.

Your ego is a part of your whole, of your entire you that you are. It has its own purpose.

This being said… imagine that there is a part of you always looking for the wrongness and the danger and the reasons to either not move or hide or fly away. The survival part. One of the ego’s purpose: making sure you survive and continue to safety.

Are you living a life that is always surviving? Are you constantly living under the ego’s purpose energy? This can bring a lot of negative emotions and feelings, discomfort and dis-ease as it puts a lot of stress on you not feeling safe and secure.

How about living the beautiful part of your life that is also yours? The positive and wellness side of it. How about start living on the positive side of your life? It is always there, always present.

Yes it might require some new awareness and mindfulness learnings to connect within, or some me-time to connect to the beautiful Source of positivity, but you can do it. A tiny step at a time or drastically one major giant step…. however you see fit and feel it; or however your stubbornness leads you to.

Your ego will always be your ally in helping you to pinpoint what is to learn in those less positive times, in your life experiences, but it will not be in control of all of your thoughts when you connect within to seek Inner guidance when it happens. Connecting within allows the ego to take a pause and not always be on false alert mode.

Take the time to breathe in, smile and breathe out… to Breathe in, Smile and Love out.

Enjoy your journey. Ask for help if you need… move towards your well-being trusting that it is not all negative and threats, and that you can also continue in newness and unknown to your ego still being safe and secure.

Your well-being is yours and always present… waiting for you to find it.

Remember that no matter your spiritual practices, turning away from Source, or God, or the Higher Consciousness, only pleases the ego-based mind.

Nathalie 🙂




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