Not all ideas are dreams but all dreams are ideas

After having an idea about something, I was thinking how sometimes I have an idea for something without necessary “it” being a dream to achieve or manifest. More often than not, the ideas are steps towards a dream in progress.

And then that got me thinking that while this might be true, I can however say that all my dreams are ideas… trail of ideas or gathering of ideas. And the dream itself is an idea that I have felt and received from within.

This came after I felt that all my dreams are the Universe’s dreams as well, since everything I am dreaming of come from thoughts and visions I have received.

This being said, let’s go deeper into my new statement and mantra:

“My dream is the Universe’s dream.” and also how to avoid the ego from stepping in.

This little statement is way more profound than it might sound at first. It brings to some a whole new level to the understanding of why some dreams might be manifesting and why some aren’t… or not yet.

Of course that Source or the Universe or God, however you call that Higher Infinite Power, wants all of us to be happy. And we do not have all the same definition of what will make each one of us happy as we have different desires, different goals, different missions, and many different dreams. This is the beauty of the diversity and the beauty of our own uniqueness.

There is also the “big picture” for each one of us therefore, when we are in sync with what is personal to us, when we are in sync with our own personal life path, we become in sync with the Universe’s dream that is also personal to each one of us… making “My dream is the Universe’s dream.” the perfect alignment statement to reflect on; the one to simmer on to see if what we are feeling is coming from our ego-based mind or if it comes from the Universe.

Very often, once we think of something awesome or when we have a aha moment, that positive feeling is the one to bask in. It is time to take the time to do this precious gratitude moment and enjoy the emotional result a little longer. This is often when the ego-based mind fill it with some more joyful possibilities, but those might not be from Source, they might be the ego stepping in and adding where it can. When you take the time to bask into that beautiful feeling of positivity or relief from what is maybe a great idea or a miracle moment, you are helping yourself to not let the ego in.

This can help you stay in sync with the Universe’s dream since your dreams are the Universe’s dreams.

All dreams from the Universe are always happening and manifesting.

Take the time to meditate on that.

Have a wonderful day!

Nathalie 🙂



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