I AM that, I am (part two)

Today I would like to bring you some more information about the “I am that, I am” mantra or sentence.

I believe in the learning process and practice and March 2, 2021, I published an article about a different way to see it to understand that the first part is the You that is the Inner Self you, therefore the infinite Source within, and I was inviting you to see the first “I AM” in capital letters to help you see that it is of Source. This can often help the ego-based mind stop interpreting that it is the ego being something (else), which can be difficult for some to believe what they are saying ̶ they are reading from an ego standpoint and not seeing the Powerful Source and Higher Consciousness within. And by seeing the first “I AM” in capital letters, it can help you separate the Inner Self and the ego, the persona for a while.

Now, I am inviting you to see this as a two-part step of a beautiful learning process.

Last time, I was teaching you that your Inner Self is infinite with possibilities and is perfect. Your Inner Self is positive and powerful and great. This was to help the ego-based mind to connect with your Self as one collaborative entity; to start seeing yourself as whole and to stop your ego-based mind believing it is limited, that you are limited.

Today, I would like to bring this knowledge further. I am opening a door to the understanding of the Oneness in that statement, that mantra, that name of God, or Source, however you call the Higher Consciousness.

The power behind this beautiful mantra is in understanding that whatever you desire to achieve for your soul’s purpose, you can have it. It is already yours. The beautiful divine timing is the timing that is the soul’s one and not the ego-based mind one.

The power behind this beautiful mantra is stating and affirming out loud to the Universe what you desire to fulfill that Soul’s purpose. You are acknowledging that you are now aware of what it is with a beautiful positive desire, knowing… “I AM that”.  Saying this as would normally affirm something… while breathing out as you normally talk…

and inhaling back all its wonderful Oneness energy while saying and breathing in the energy of the words ‘I am”. That energy you sent out coming back to you as One.

Try it. Say while breathing out “I AM that,”. And say while breathing in “I am”.

Notice how the second “I am” is softer and done on a receptive energy mode.

And notice how your energy changes as you repeat it. If tears come out, let them out. You are connecting with awareness with the beautiful Sources energy. You are feeling it. Let it go.

So, the proper way to use this mantra for your Soul’s purpose is to know what you desire and say it. Then say the mantra as I just told you stating that you are that. That desire is you. You are stating out that you are One with it as it is for the joy of your Inner Self, and while breathing in its energy, you are making yourself a receptive component of its energy, becoming One with the Universe.

If all of this is new to you, maybe you could read The Moses Code. You’ll have all the history and learning and how to.

I like learning and teaching by steps because the integration part of something is the most important part of any learning.

Take the time to read March 2, 2021 article if you haven’t done it yet.

Enjoy integrating this in your life. Journal when and how you use it and the results and feelings you get.

Learn to use it for your Soul’s purpose. This means that whatever you need to fulfill that purpose can be what to ask for, what your desire is, how happy you would be with it… when you do not know what to ask or where to start.

Follow your dreams and your energy… the positive ones. They know the way.

Nathalie 🙂




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I invite you to start reading this blog with the first article that was published April 8, 2019 and you can read your way up. Enjoy your reading!



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