Using the spiritual practice only as troubleshooting

Are you one to find yourself meditating or praying more when times get tough?

Are you also one that might let go of any meditation practices and prayers, let alone any gratitude practice when life is fun and keeps you busy?

And are you one that might find yourself in tough situations and negative situations more than you would like?

Could it be possible that you are creating and attracting those because they are the only time you are closer to Source, and your spiritual practice is only or mostly when things are not going so well? Could it make it now understandable why you might find yourself in those recurring patterns? Do they seem to be the only time you connect within, you connect to Source?

It is really simple when you look at it like this isn’t it?

To help you stay connect within, and to Higher consciousness, you might have created a pattern in which the only time you are is when it is not going so well, and life is tough(er).

How about changing that pattern and starting to connect within on magnificent days? How about connecting within and to Higher consciousness every day and more than a few minutes?

How about connecting within to express your appreciation, to listen to your Inner guidance, even when things are going great, and when you think you have it all under control?

This reminds me of a child receiving attention only when in trouble. So, that child might create a deliberate ̶ or not ̶ pattern of being in trouble to get attention. Even if the child tries its best to avoid any kind of trouble, the conscious mind might have created a pattern to allow something good from something negative.

The same way when one finds himself or herself in a negative recurring pattern to allow justification or vulnerability or openness to connect within and communicate with Source… it can be easy then to understand how to break such cycle.

Allow yourself to follow your own spiritual practice more often then less. Everyday. And double it when all is great so you can reprogram your conscious mind to integrate this new positive pattern into your lifestyle. This can slowly set you free from the “need” to be in trouble to get attention… your Inner Self attention.

Enjoy making some change starting today. Why wait one more day?

Nathalie 🙂



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