Why some dreams do not see the light of day

When you receive an idea, it is yours to create. Did you know that?

Well, not the part where the ego-based mind takes over and decides it will be this and that and at this time or that one, and that age or that place.

When you receive an idea, it means it is something you can achieve and bring forward.

So, how come many are not happening or seeing the light of day? For several reasons like not following the inspirations and inspired actions, or not allowing yourself to believe it can be done or following the ego-based mind trying to control its everything, or because the parts and pieces are not all ready to make it as it is meant to magnificently become.

Often to achieve a dream, each step becomes a little dream in itself, and that might also make one forget the other one or the bigger one focusing on what seems to be smaller ones… when in fact they are part of the bigger plan. This might be where many might think that one dream, or their dream, will never be achieved or think it might be too late now.

Have you ever realized a dream long after you had it in mind and found yourself surprised it was a dream you had a long time ago? Well, there is no “real” surprise in that, other than you stop expecting it to happen; you stopped believing in it.  Take the time to look back at some dreams you might once had which became real maybe many years later. Isn’t it amazing? Now, can you see how the bits and pieces to make it happen were not in place when you first had it in your mind?

Some dreams might take longer than others because they require maybe some special or specific skills or knowledge. Others might require someone specific and that person was not yet in your life or ready for it for example.

I will let you continue on that topic with your own thoughts and awareness. Maybe this will make you want to write a list of all the dreams you remember you once had and see how to follow the inspirations to make them happening… mindfully.

Enjoy the process.



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