Need-to-know basis

Have you noticed that everything in your life is following the need-to-know basis pattern? What is the point of knowing something that does not belong to you or that is not your story or that you are not yet ready for?  Curiosity? Yes, maybe. Although even a glimpse of something is actually part of that need-to-know slowly making you ready for more. A glimpse.

Everything that is happening in your life and all that you discover along the way is for your own evolution, your personal expansion and evolution.

Knowing this or discovering this… how about you start asking Source or God, however you call the cosmic or divine presence, how about asking what you need to know like if you only had clearance to know what you need to know now to do your task, your next task, your next step, your next assignment moving you closer to your dreams and goals?

I too ask to know more once a while. Then I remember.

As much as this might sound silly for some, it might bring some understanding to others when we look at it this way. It might not take away your curiosity and desires to know more, but it might make you understand that it is your doing to change your focus point to get back to your own evolution and personal expansion when you want to know more than necessary Each one of us can handle what we can when we are.

Your Inner Self knows that.

Did you know that your Inner guidance has higher clearance than “you” have. Your Inner Self have higher clearance than your ego-based-mind have, so when you connect within, you touch that access and knowingness. When you unite with your Inner Self, you become a team and you get clearance therefore you can know more. When you collaborate as a team with your Inner guidance, your Inner Self and your non-physical team, you become part of the team that knows. You access with your Inner senses.

It is when you try to make it on your own, when you try to control the flow of information that you might not be ready to receive and do something with it… that might make you wish you knew more.

Connecting within means a lot yet, so many do not take the time to fully grasp what it means and what in can result in. Many might believe it is solely a spiritual practice when in fact it is opening yourself to know what you are doing and why, and to where you are going and why.

We do not connect within to become spiritual; we connect within to understand and learn; to listen and be answered. We connect within to master our life path and to follow it with peace of mind, peace of heart and confidence. We connect within to be a full collaborator and co-creator.

We are on the need-to-know basis type of life path, but we can get all the clearance that we wish to have… by going within, and this however you practice doing so. Be true to yourself, with yourself, about what you wish to know and do. Do you really “need” to know it all or “want” to?

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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