Send energy not result

Do you sometimes feel strong emotions about someone you love and wish they had this or that, or pray for them to have better this or more of that so they can be happier or in a better situation?

Are you one knowing and understanding that everything starts in our own mind, in our thoughts and the feelings from them? You know when you wish to achieve something and you go from one idea, one inspiration to the next and the next, seeing each one opening the door to the next one? Well, this is the beauty of energy and all the energy present in your psychic atmosphere. You feed some, and others you don’t. You pick up some and enjoy following where they lead you towards your desires and your dreams or even just for the next task to do.

Often when we wish the best for someone else, we pray or request something maybe specific for them. But what if they had something else in mind? What if they needed something else before to fully enjoy it? What if they needed to do another task or experience before?

How about changing your way to send positive energy to others?

When it comes to intention and prayers, you can only share and send energy, not manifestation.  It is up to them to pick up the energy in their psychic atmosphere and do what they want with it.

Even when you know what somebody else might want, you do not know what is best for them where they are in their Now… on their personal life path. A prayer or intention is to “send” them good energy, positive energy, to be surrounded by the energy they need, not the one you think they need from your standpoint and even feeling.

That feeling you have making you want the best for them, hold it and send that love to them and let their magic happen.

Send love and healing energy.

Nathalie 🙂



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