Open the door

How many things are in your in surroundings and they have no place there except reminding you of a moment, or someone… a memory you are keeping active every time you look at it? Also an energy you are keeping active every time someone else looks at it.

Everything in your surroundings come from somewhere, someone, some time in your life. There are also other things that might have come with it, like a message, a card, a photo, a letter… and it is not really a decoration piece of any sort, but it became one over time, one with meaning, maybe deeper meaning. It became part of the decoration like the fly on the wall that you do not always see or look at, yet you do not open the door to let it fly out of your house.

When, in your life, you are moving on to something new, ask yourself… Why do you keep something from your past active? What memory are you cherishing from it? What are you afraid of if you let it fly out? Why do you keep that part of that moment in the past active?

Did you know those little things, sometimes little silly things can keep you from moving on, moving forward? It is an old energy you keep active in your present. It is like keeping a foot on the brake pedal while trying to move forward. You still can, but it can tell you that you are also afraid of moving at a speed you might not be controlling. It is a little like those subliminal messages, the ones you think you do not see, but your mind does. It is like moving into a new place trying to recreate the exact same decoration putting everything at the same spot they were at the old place, so when you look somewhere, you remember something you once enjoyed or you that you are afraid of changing it.

Holding on to good memories is very healthy, just make sure you are holding on to the ones that are in sync with your now and with where you want to go. Sometimes decluttering means opening the door to let the flies out. Sometimes it means putting in a cute little box some things you would like to keep for a walk on the good memory lane once a while.

When you cannot let it fly or store in that cute memory lane box, ask yourself why. The answer will contain some insights about why you might not be moving forward (yet). You might not be ready, and this is okay. It means you are either not done yet, or you do not wish to be done yet. That’s okay. Simply do not fall into the ego-based mind trap of thinking that something has been there for so long that it does not bother you. It might not bother you, but it might block the new energy trying to find space in your psychic atmosphere and surroundings atmosphere.

Take the time to look at your surroundings today.

Open the door… let the flies fly out.

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂



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