Unexpressed emotions

Beyond kindness and being of services, there are personal dreams and desires, often not fully said because of the “wisdom to know better” than letting some ego-based thoughts express related desires.

Well, those desires come with emotions and those unsaid emotions are piling up silently screaming to be heard. Those unexpressed emotions under the “wisdom to know better” are often the ones that one has to learn to express.

Many might think they do express their feelings, their emotions because… well, they do. In numerology for example, a number four life path has in one of its major life lessons to learn to express their emotions, and sometimes that part does not make sense to someone that is open and loving and caring and showing it without hesitation. Often, someone that has learn to deal with negative emotions, understanding them, also do not see any sense in expressing them because they overcame them wisely.

This is where it gets tricky… understanding something does not make you feel it less, have less emotions. And understanding something and its reason might even soften the silent scream that wanted to come out because it does not have any more weight and meaning now that you understand. Therefore, some emotions might have been understood and dealt with, but the unsaid desire that is kept within is still alive and associated to emotions, so you might have thought that it was a done deal, something you overcame with wisdom, but you still did not express what you felt, how you felt, what you want. You understood it but never expressed it, maybe thinking it was an ego way to let it out.

If you read my blog, you know by now that the ego is the best ally to growth and spiritual growth… and life lessons are for the spiritual growth, the You expansion you came to experience through your physical being.  

The life lesson regarding expressing emotions is about allowing yourself to feel them, to desire them and to express them out loud (to yourself), the ones you overcome with wisdom but forgot to express at the same time, allowing your desires to me met thought your kindness. Those emotions are still in your heart because they are attached to a dream that you might have put on the back burner or decided to be patient “out of wisdom”. It does not make it less desired.

Don’t silence your emotions. I am not talking about screaming them out loud publicly, I am talking about acknowledging your own desires and speaking from your heart to yourself about them instead of hiding them in wanting happiness for the world and others thinking it is a spiritual way to go about it. I do not recall reading any teachings about sacrificing your heart’s desire, au contraire, it is about allowing your heart and following your heart, and not your ego.

Learning to differentiate the ego and the heart desires is a progression that can last a lifetime.

Learning to express the heart’s emotions and not just the ego’s emotions is also learning in progress. And this is where often people stop expressing or do not know how to express their emotions, because they mix them all up in thinking they cannot desire something, not being able to make the difference in what the ego wants and what the heart wants. It’s okay, it’s beautiful learning always in motion.

Take the time to look at your unexpressed emotions in the coming days. You know the ones that you feel in your guts and at the bottom of your heart, or the ones coming through tears. It is not selfish to want something, to desire something, a desire to feel something or some ways, and saying it when it is a loving and a heart felt “something”. Your soul knows what it came to experience and heal, allow it to receive and live that experience.

Enjoy the process of listening to your unsaid emotions/desires and be true to yourself.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 😊




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