Where does your courage come from?

Do you trust yourself? Have you learned that your Inner Self is from where you can connect to your real courage? Not ego-based mind courage based on your skills, but the courage that no matter what is presented to you, you can overcome it, you can outgrow it, you can achieve it. You can make it with the outcome it can become.

Every time you trust your Inner Self strongest courage ̶ because it is the courage that does not come from the Ego thinking it knows it all and can do it, but a courage that makes you understand that you have what it takes even if there is some unknown or unseen, that is the courage to overcome something, or to achieve something that lets you know that you are adding a brick to your foundation making it more solid, one trust at a time.

There comes a time in life when the Ego might know your Inner Self is to partner with, and for people around you this might look like impulses or like stubbornness, but it is determination and willpower from within that your Ego knows there is no saying into it. Beautiful partnership.

The Ego is like a protector trying to keep you safe in the known and experienced, away from the unknown and unseen. It is a survival characteristic. And adding data to what is known and seen is our task, so the Ego stops limiting so much. The more data the less limits.  The more trust in your Inner Self, the less limits. It is all related to trusting your Inner Self, learning about Inner Self and unseen and unknown, opening yourself to the unseen and unknown from an Ego standpoint.

To trust yourself, first you have to meet yourself. Your essence, your beautiful you and all that you are is right there, waiting to be acknowledged and trusted. It is a beautiful life path we can all enjoy.   

Take the time to ask yourself today if you trust yourself and where is your courage coming from. Do you only rely on your skills and others for courage, or can you rely on your Inner strength?

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 😊




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