Silky thread of guilt

Guilt is wanting to feel good but not doing so and the Ego slightly getting in the way.

Do! Feel good! Allow it!

There is a beautiful difference in feeling good about what is, not from not-from being there, and feeling good to-be here.

Not totally allowing yourself to feel good because it was planned to be physically somewhere else can create the feeling of guilt. It is a purely physical and Ego-based related emotion in relation to the physical living “planning” there was, and not being there in the now, the physical here and now.

Not being somewhere else as the previous plan was, is no longer existing in the now, it is not accurate in the now. It was a plan, but it is not what is… and the Ego must be okay with this new plan, to what is instead of what was planned; the Ego must “make okay” and be okay with it, and when it does not, guilt exists. Sometimes it stays and sometimes self-talk can help releasing it.

Have you ever noticed how easy and quickly a feeling of guilt comes up when plan changes or when something we meant to do or engaged ourselves to do, or places to be, is not what is?

Have you ever noticed how the guilty feeling can then become what drives us to continue, or “respect” previous engagement because, with it, comes an impression that we must not change or that it is selfish not to keep an engagement… like changing it is something wrong?

I am always amazed when I can understand underneath an emotion, when I can follow the sometimes huge spider-web-like holding it. And yes, this takes time. And yes, not enough people take the time to understand their emotions and their why(s). It is so easier and sometimes less time consuming to just go with it‑or so it seems.

Meditating with an intention to understand is great for that. Meditation can help follow a silky thread and reprogram the way to see things. When you do, if you do, make sure you also listen to the answers and hints coming up… this is following the silky thread.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂



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