Shoveling the forest

When I saw that little tree as I was taking photos of beautiful things, as it caught my attention it made me think of how some people might have not added this one to such a list because the snow covering the bottom was not allowing us to see it all… therefore maybe not making it that beautiful… some might have discarded it all together, and some might have not seen at all how beautiful it is when you look at the part you can see.

Are you one of those that are not seeing the beautiful in what is when it is “incomplete”? Have you trained yourself that if something or someone is either broken, or incomplete, or not perfect to your standards, it is not beautiful or not worth looking at until it is? Are you one of those seeing obstacles in what keeps you from seeing perfection in what is visible?

I will even go further with this… are you one of those who think that it is your duty or responsibility to help other obstacles to be seen and removed when no one asked you? If you feel challenged by this, here is a little thing that might help you see differently when you are facing such situation… or understand those who are.

Would you go into the forest to start shoveling around a tree, either because you want to take a (good) photo thinking it will be better without the snow around, or shoveling around because you like it better when it is free and standing tall?

How about appreciating the part you see? How about even appreciating that the snow is protecting its roots while the tree goes through a different season and it will melt in due time?

I invite you to take the time to think how often you have felt like shoveling the snow, removing an obstacle around someone, not knowing if it was a protection while that person was going through a different season of its life, and that obstacle was not yours to be removed, but for the Universe… while feeding the inner person with a divine or cosmic energy from within, making or keeping the person stronger from within… maybe for the next difficult season.

Today, I invite you to focus on the beautiful part you see in someone or something, and not on what you interpret as negative maybe keeping you from seeing the beautiful of what is.

It is not about forcing yourself to appreciate, but to switch your focus when it applies instead of shoveling while the Universe has a different timing to melt the snow away.

There is a nuance when it comes to feeling inspired to help someone: you will not be shoveling alone; you will be shoveling with the other person… and make sure the Universe is part of your activity.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂



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