I AM that, I am (explained)

I thought this might help some people to have a clearer understanding of the I AM… in the “I am that, I am”.

Recently, while doing a “I am that, I am” list, which I have learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer years ago, I saw something that can help bringing a deeper understanding.

Many are enjoying doing this thinking they are self-affirming who they are to believe in themselves. Some see the first “I am” as our essence, our inner being that is limitless, not fully aware of the spiritual being into the physical being concept. They know it, but maybe not feeling it.

Here is how to read this differently, hopefully bringing a new way on the believe in yourself part without doubting yourself.

“I am that, I am”, replacing the word “that” with what you wish to affirm, is how one practice this “self-affirmation technique”.

I AM is the name of God, or Source, or however you have learned to name it.

The first I am is often seen as an emphasize on your (Spiritual) Inner Self that is limitless. Some might find it challenging to identify themselves with their Inner Self, not fully grasping the concept, which can create doubts.

Change your “I am that, I am” for “I AM that, I am”. Write the first I AM differently as it is how to read it.

The first I AM is God/Source… being “that”. 

Seeing “I AM” instead of “I am”, is now seeing God/Source being “that”; your Ego-based mind will have more ease to believe it, as it is a known concept that God/Source can be everything; not believing that God/Source is within you and is You expanding as a physical being… is a different situation.

Every “I AM that, I am” will then be seen differently. It will no longer be a self-affirmation; but a reminder that the Greater part of you “is”, therefore you are, and you are reconnecting with it.

I AM that, I am. The God/Source is, therefore I am.

It is believing that God/Source within is (that) and God/Source being in yourself makes you (that) by default.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂




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