How do you start your day?

How do you start your day… every day?

Do you take the time for your soul to also start a good day, or do you just think about making your physical vehicle feel good? Yes, the mind and the body can benefit of ripple effects, but what about your soul… do you connect within to make sure you feel good body, mind and spirit?

There are those two paintings in the bedroom reminding every morning that each day comes with everything we need… but First feel good.

To me it is about my inner Self, my daily reminder. To help me with this, I have been “practicing” gratitude for the past three decades. And before I knew I was meditating, I was meditating. 🙂 When younger I was just wandering within myself, I was actually meditating without knowing what meditation was then, so I can say I have been meditating for the past five decades. I also have been praying although my prayers are mostly inner conversations again like in meditation.

How do you connect within to make sure your soul, your Inner Self, is also feeling good? Do you have a way to keep that connection healthy and active? Do you even have that connection with your inner Self?

Maybe you are thinking how to even know if your soul is feeling good… it’s easy, you are feeling good, feeling Zen or impregnated with a kindness energy. You do not need to laugh out loud, just smile with your heart. Another way to see if you connected within is you do not feel like criticizing or judging other ways and being.

Start each day feeling good making sure you do not forget your inner Self in your practice. Your equilibrium includes your spiritual being and your physical being.

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂



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