The invisible pulling hand

I often talk about inspired action and its uplifting energy, it is easy to discern it from the “must do it” or “should do it” of the ego-based action.

What about when you are tired? Because, yes, inspirations can come when you are tired as well… after hours of work or a very long day.

One of the ways you can feel the difference when it comes to an inspired action and an ego-based action is… you are feeling gently pulled to do something, opposed to feeling pushed to do it.

When you feel pulled, even if you are tired, it is easy, it is following a flow of easiness and effortlessness; a little like if you were helped with an invisible hand to get off your chair, because once at it, all flow with ease. So, the fact that you were maybe tired is acknowledged, but not a problem because everything seems magically being done perfectly and sometimes fast; nothing to feed the thoughts of feeling tired.

When you feel pushed and tired, each step comes to your mind as an obstacle, a negative thought feeding your feelings and things are not going as smoothly.

So yes, a nice difference between an inspired action and an ego-based action when you are tired, is that an inspired action feels like you are being pulled, like a loving friend telling you to keep going a little longer, and that friend will make each step really easy for you.

Just like an angel’s help 🙂 and if you do not believe in angels, the feeling will be the same.

Enjoy noticing the difference of feeling pushed to do something, and gently feeling pulled to do something.

Have a lovely day grateful people!

Nathalie 🙂



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