Working hard from inspiration

Are you working hard from your inspirations, or because you want to please an ego-based reason?

Both can bring satisfaction and same outcomes. The difference between the two is how tired are you from it. Are you tired with a joyful mindset? Did you put your energy where your ego suggested, or where your inner guidance was showing you through inspirations?

Working hard following your inspiration after inspiration after inspiration means to continue with each creative idea. It means to continue at it, as long as you have inspiration and energy.

You can work hard wisely, without pushing something to make it work tenaciously, following the inspiration to make it work. And each step you take will inspire you the next one, and the next step will inspire you the following one. Sometimes you see few steps ahead. Whether you are aware that they are inspired or not.

When there is no more inspiration, because either it needs a different component not yet arrived or completed, it is time to take a break. Just like you would wait for the muffins in the oven; you have “worked” and now you wait a little while, before you “work at eating them”. The difference is here; working hard under the ego-based reason influence will push you to try to figure out how to get the muffins ready, you will try to be the heat and the oven. Then you get tired because you did not put your energy at the right place when you were told to take a break before the next inspiration making you work again.

 Working hard is fun when it does not come from an ego-based influence reasoning.

This is what working hard from inspiration is. It is fun. It is enjoyable. It does not eat up your mind energy, your peace of mind. It is a nudge from within to keep going one step after the other without looking at the payoff (or not yet), without looking at the time, without asking yourself if each step is enough, or thinking you should be doing something else to please your ego or someone else.

When you follow your inspiration, you follow the easiest steps, you can find yourself working hours and days and weeks yet, you enjoy each step because you work under a good energy influence.

Enjoy the process of seeing how your mental attitude is when you are “working hard”. See under which influence you are?

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂



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