A little slice of life

How is your life during lockdown or restriction time? Are you enjoying your time and focusing on all you can do, or are you victimizing yourself focusing on all you cannot do?

This little question for a major situation we are all into can tell you a lot on your personal mental attitude.

It is easy to be nice to people that are nice in return. It is easy to enjoy some me-time when you have free time in a busy lifestyle.  It is easy to love the ones that are lovable. It is easy to be yourself when all the conditions are (almost) perfect.

Some will say it is another story when it is the opposite… I will tell you no, it is not another story unless you make it another story. What would you personally learn if the road were always straight and clear and smooth?

Your mental attitude in hard time is the indicator of who you are that is hidden behind the perfectness of all things. The you that you might not allow to change because it asks of you to think differently. Is it positive? Is it negative? Is it a responsible or a blaming one?

How about taking the time to assess your mental attitude so you can enjoy life no matter what, so you can start to enjoy your time with yourself and(or) with others because you do not blame anything or anyone for your own mental attitude? Your responses have nothing to do with external conditions, you are responding and reacting… “you” are. So are the others, but it is not your (mental attitude) problem.

Take the time to look into the little slices of your life creating your life. Look at all you do. Look at all you keep yourself from doing maybe differently because you are blaming whatever for not doing as usual. I mean in your regular life, not just today.

Think about all you can and want to do instead of thinking about all you cannot do. Find yourself new ways, new hobbies, new joy in following your inspirations and intuition… instead of saying no to them focusing on what you would prefer to do.

You can change your mental attitude… one slice of life at a time.

Enjoy the process!

Nathalie 🙂




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