Are you rebelling to please your ego?

What is the point of feeding the rebel in you? And when is being rebellious good?

When you feel call to help a cause, to bring a clear solution, that can help a problematic solution… your rebellious side can serve a greater good… when you have a clear mind of that solution and feel a strong desire to put it out there with inspired actions, at the right place, right inner guidance timing, go for it, you are helping the greater good, you are helping the expansion of the cause or the world towards something better either now or in the long run.

When you feel rebel to a cause because it does not please your ego-mind desire, because you do not like to comply to what is being told of you to do, because you disagree to what is being told to say or do… you are simply pleasing your ego-based mind, not any cause but your ego one.

See the difference?

So, when you feel rebellious, are you helping… a cause with not a solution in your mind but a solution that is being applied to try it, or a cause your ego is not pleased with and your solution stays with yourself?

When you have a solution, follow its trail, follow its train of thoughts that can help you get to the right people that can use that solution. You are called to help and you have all it takes to make it happen.

When you simply disagree without bringing a solution to the original problem, at source, creating all sorts of other little problems which are not the root to solution, this is telling you to go within and connect with your Self because you are not, you are being influenced by your ego-based mind and thoughts. It is a beautiful gift in disguised and the rebellious part of yourself is only rebelling with your inner Self… the outside reason is just a topic showing it to you.

Take the time to see why you rebel and who does it serve… your ego or the greater good?

Enjoy the process.

Nathalie 🙂




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