Find your own smile

There is only one person responsible for this smile, only one person responsible for the emotions I feel and responsible to how I react to every situations and conditions…  the one in the mirror.  

How about you? Who do you hold responsible for your smile or missing smile?

It does not mean everything is sparkling and sunny, but it does mean that without the sparkles, it has the same value, that without the sun, it exists just the same. It does not mean some things might not hurt, but it does mean that behind that pain there is a personal message to listen to, bringing you towards smiling again because you know it is from you that it can come.

It does not mean it always goes the way you want(ed), but it does mean it is up to you to adjust so you remove old patterns or unnecessary habits or… (look into why you do not smile to see which ego-based thoughts and beliefs to remove).

It does not mean others are not part of what is going on, but it does mean that no matter what others are doing, you are still in control of your own thoughts and judgement… Do you feed the right ones, the ones bringing more positivity?

Do you put a condition to your smile? Do you make others responsible for your own smile? That would be putting a lot of pressure on someone else going through life just like you.

The only person responsible for this smile, is the one I see in the mirror. I am not blind to what is going on around me, I simply choose what I feed and what I am aware of but do not invite those into my mind.

What about you? Is there a lot of things in your mind, taking so much mind space that you cannot find what makes you smile under all of that junk you are piling up in your mind?

Some smiles are ego-based and it is okay, the others are heart-based… find them to find your own smile.

Have a lovely day!



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