Sweet talking how you feel

So, you can sweet talk yourself to how you feel as much as you want… or as much as your ego wants, but look deep down at what you “really” feel that you are not saying, and maybe not even admitting to yourself, because you might feel that it would not make you appreciate all you already have.

There is a nuance here, because you can be appreciative, yet, you might have emotional pain and it is important to acknowledge them, to understand them, to see their root, and to then, let go of the control you have over them.

An emotion that you are not saying, to others and to yourself is the energy you radiate out attracting energy-like in people, situations, challenges state of being, etc.. Did you know that?

Each emotion has its vibrational frequency, you might have heard that before or you might be new to this metaphysical concept. And often people are looking into the emotions they feel on the surface, the ones they can communicate easily or related to what they are visibly living, but they hold deeper emotions, we all do, and some might think they are not active ones because they do not feel them in their now, but they are very active… they would come back to the surface if a situation, a condition or a person was to trigger them… so yes they are active, just maybe dormant for a little while, yet, alive.

Make sure you do not push down your emotions, but you deal with them when they come up. You do not need to spend a lot of time on this. Just a few second or minutes. Ask yourself why you feel it, what triggers them, and allow yourself to accept that the emotion might have been triggered by something or someone, but it is yours and it was just something to make you aware that you still have it within yourself… and some personal growth work is needed here… maybe now or later… so it is a friendly reminder to deal with it every time it comes up.  Take note about your quick thoughts on it and let it go until you have an intuition about it, an inspiration about it.  

Your emotions… are you listening to them to grow and spiritually evolve, or are you sweet talking yourself about it?

Have a lovely day!

Nathalie 🙂



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